20 Pregnancy ‘Must Haves’ By Each Trimester

20 Pregnancy ‘Must Haves’ By Each Trimester

If you’ve made it onto this specific blog, chances are you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. In that case, I’d like to say, CONGRATS! Bringing a tiny human into this world that’s half you, half your partner is an exciting journey!

As I write this, I’m in the last excruciating month of my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy felt like an eternity whereas this pregnancy has gone by relatively fast but with every complication possible. I had terrible morning sickness, crazy vagina pressure/pain, placenta previa, the cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, and so on and so forth. So I’m counting down the days till we get to meet our little nugget and I am no longer pregnant. If you’re one of those women who enjoys being pregnant, I applaud you.

My first pregnancy was 5 years ago…

And boy have things changed! I feel like a first time mom all over again. There are new, innovative products that didn’t exist when I was pregnant with Cash and I’m all about it. It took us over a year to get pregnant with this baby. We tried every “trick” in the book, went to a fertility clinic, and at the end of the day, it came down to pure luck. We had been timing our intercourse and I was taking Clomid to pin point my ovulation. Which if you’ve ever done that, I assure you it’s 0 fun to schedule baby making time. Anyways, after not ovulating on schedule, I went into a total give up, wine binge. And when I say wine binge, I mean I even cut out wine to try and get pregnant, we were that committed to the process. So after many tears that my second round of Clomid didn’t work, I leaned on Naked Wines to cure my sorrows. I noticed I had a delivery on the way and was very excited to pop a nice bottle of red wine and just chill. However, there was a different plan in motion. As we’re pulling up to the house, my 5 year old nonchalantly looks up from his iPad says, “Mom, you have a baby in your tummy.” In my mind, I’m thinking, “yeah right” but ya know, give him the benefit of the doubt and say some kind mom response. As we get into the house, I had 1 digital pregnancy test left and I figure, at least I’ll know for sure and won’t feel guilty about drinking this wine later tonight when it gives me the same old NEGATIVE response I’m accustomed to seeing. Now let me tell you the shock I was in when it popped up POSITIVE. My son had known I was pregnant even before I did!

So now you’re pregnant – First Trimester

First trimester was the worst for me, I couldn’t keep anything down. Even when I was starving, I had to limit my portions otherwise it would come right back up. The only thing that helped me was ginger ale soda, preggie pops, and fresh chicken noodle soup broth. By week 11-12 I felt so weak because I wasn’t getting any nutrients so the fresh chicken noodle soup broth really helped get me through the last couple weeks of agony.

I also started taking prenatal vitamins which ended up being so hard to swallow with my nausea that I opted for these gummy prenatal vitamins to ensure the baby was getting what it needed and then opted for Garden of Life’s prenatal capsule vitamin

Then another key item I loved was these MAEband belly bands. These are great when you’re not big enough for full on pregnancy clothes but you’re uncomfortable in your pre pregnancy clothes. These MAEband belly bands give you a little extra give so you can comfortably wear your normal clothes.

Second Trimester – The Fun Trimester

It seems almost instantaneous that the morning sickness goes away at week 13 and all is well in the world. With the nausea gone, you start feeling the baby kicks, your belly actually looks like a bump and not like you’ve let yourself go with beer and hot wings, and the baby actually resembles a baby in ultrasounds. All is well in the world!

Now is the time to invest in some maternity clothes. For me, I was rarely “dressed up.” I work from home and am a pretty casual person in general. Early on, I ordered the best maternity support leggings from Blanqi and wear them so frequently throughout my pregnancy. I also got a few pairs of great maternity leggings and maternity tanks from Target and a few workout pants from H&M. Here are some of my favorite brands to shop for maternity clothes – and remember, if it has stretch, it can be maternity. I find a lot of maternity stores like Pea In A Pod or Motherhood Maternity to be super matronly and not my style at all. Mainly in this trimester I was rocking a cute crop top with maternity leggings, cute sneakers, and a cardigan. So they only thing that was actually marketed as “maternity” was the leggings.

My Favorite Brands to Shop Maternity are:

  • ASOS – they have great trendy pieces for weddings, going out, and special occasions
  • Target – your every day essentials like tank tops, leggings, and bras
  • Blanqi – a little on the expensive side but they have frequent sales and their support leggings are totally worth it
  • H&M – they have great activewear but fall short on the every day essentials. I bought some tank tops and they had no stretch to them. BAD.
  • Pink Blush Maternity – love their stretchy midi dresses
  • Sexy Mama Maternity – I found the cutest leopard jumper on their site, I wear it all the time (it has pockets) and it will be cute post baby too

I also don’t know where I’d be without these Vans Active Sneakers. They’re so comfy on my feet and people always ask where I got them because they aren’t your typical rigid Vans sneakers. My second trimester was where I was so pumped to workout, eat healthy, and live life with my cute “little bump.”

At this stage, I also started investing in my stretching skin. I know a lot of preventing stretch marks has to do with genetics but you can also aid in that by drinking lots of water, exfoliating your skin in the shower, and hydrating your skin every night. I loved Frank & Whit’s Belly Serum after I exfoliated with Temecula Olive Oil Co.’s Lemon Verbena Salt Scrub. Now being 1 month till my due date, I don’t have any new stretch marks!

Third Trimester – The Long Haul

Does it ever end? At this point you’re literally counting down the days – not weeks – days till you are no longer pregnant. The heartburn has kicked in, the back pain is real, and who hit me with a bat in the vagina without me knowing it?!

In this last trimester, I really wanted to focus on alleviating pain. So Tums were my best friend as well as nightly baths with Dr Teals Eucalyptus & Spearmint bubble bath. I’ve had 2 back surgeries and this really relieves my back pain so I can sleep semi sound at night. I also got a pregnancy pillow, which doesn’t do much but help when I’m laying in bed watching a movie. I was in so much pain one night it, spending $40 on a pillow that might help sounded like a good idea.

As for the heartburn, I found that chocolate milk, cottage cheese with pineapples, and greek yogurt parfaits really helped. Even though I’m lactose sensitive, relieving the heartburn was a higher priority than being gassy. TMI but whatever.

I was also put on bedrest at about 28 weeks so I did a lot of online shopping for the new baby and H&M Kids has a TON of cute stuff. But when I did get up and out I put on the Bao Bei Maternity Support Band that felt like it took 2lbs off my belly. They claim its the sports bra for your belly and I believe them

Waiting for the 4th Trimester like…

I’m gonna have to write a whole separate blog for postpartum care when I get there but definitely acknowledge the 4th trimester as a part of pregnancy that cannot be forgotten. When it’s live I’ll make sure to add the link here.


What are some must haves from your pregnancy journey??

20 Pregnancy Must Haves

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