5 Household Electronics You Can’t Live Without

I try to leave my house as little as possible these days…

I have kind of created my own little world because I can work from home and be a stay at home mom. Personally, I love it because I get to do everything from the comfort of my own home and these 5 household electronics help me out so much, I can’t live without them now!

But doing all that I do, I definitely rely heavily on technology to keep my house running.

Here are 5 household electronics that I just can’t live without right now.

Apple TV: We don’t have cable because no one in our family really watches a ton of TV so we stream all of our favorite movies and shows instead of paying a ton for cable. It’s really great because I just started reviewing movies for Universal so now I can download their app and stream new movies directly onto my TV. (I also really like that I can mirror things from my phone.)

iRobot: A cute lil’ robot we named “Bobot” that vacuums my house for me. It’s connected through an app so even if I’m not home, I can tell iRobot to vacuum my house. It works on both hardwood and carpet!!

Self-Inflating Air Mattress: Since Trav and I are both homebodies, we like it when friends and family come stay with us. Trust me, if you wanna make plans, we will go out of our way to convince you that coming to our house is WAYYY more fun than going out. This air mattress is one of the most comfortable air mattresses I’ve ever slept on and it self-inflates.

Conair Steamer: Hands. Down. The. Best. for getting out wrinkles in a flash. The older I get the more I invest in my appearance. When I was in my early 20’s I wouldn’t care if my shirt had wrinkles. Now, I think it looks so sloppy and with this steamer, I legit have no excuses. This conair steamer un-wrinkles my clothes so fast!

Nest Cameras: I originally got one of these as a baby monitor for Cash. Whole other story, but these ROCK for baby monitors. Nest Cameras are great because they give you the peace of mind when you’re not home. Another great electronic that syncs to your phone! Also comes in a 3-pack

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