5 Ways to Eat Healthy and Get Super Lean at the Same Time by Robert Hudson

Hi CupKate Community! This week’s guest writer is Robert Hudson. He is the head writer at What Supp Workout, which is a great website dedicated to working out at home, maintaining a healthy diet, and answers all your burning questions about working out.

This week we are talking about how to eat healthy and get super lean at the same time. So if you want to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, this article is definitely for you!

This is where Robert Hudson takes over…and I’m definitely taking notes.

Many individuals think eating healthy will result in a lean fit body. But, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because although closely related, eating healthy doesn’t lead to a fit looking body.

It takes a combination of healthy eating and building muscle to find the lean body you want. Much of this is down to the fact, you can build muscle without losing fat, the only problem is, you won’t see it.

Here are a few pointers on how to obtain a healthy lean body which will show your muscle definition as you wish.

Cutting Calories

There is no getting away from the fact, losing weight with being lean as a result will involve cutting calories. Healthy meal plans are a good start, but they are not the answer to everything.

The easiest way to calculate a calorific reduction is to multiply your body weight (in pounds) this gives a calorie deficit which is still healthy.

A healthy eating style would include around the following percentages:

Proteins– around 40% of your daily calories. This helps prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue and isn’t an area where you want to be losing weight from.

Healthy Fats– around 30% of your daily calories. This helps to keep hormones functioning on a healthy level.

Carbs– around 30%of your daily calorie quota. This will help to provide power for the day’sactivities.

Beat the Discomfort

Cutting calories sucks, and in the first few days, you will feel those hunger pangs. If you can push through this, your body becomes accustomed to the change, and these subside.

If you find you must snack, make sure whatever you eat isn’t loaded with carbs, and choose between something which contains protein or healthy fats.

When you are losing weight, the mind plays tricks on you. It is a self-defense mechanism which is built into all of us and has been there since man first walked the earth.

The brain will do two things at this stage. First, it slows the metabolism to prevent any further loss of fat (hitting the plateau). Second, it tricks you into thinking you are hungrier than you are.



Stocking up on Proteins

Protein is the key to becoming lean. When you eat the right amount it helps to stave off hunger pangs, boost your metabolism while retaining your overall muscle mass.

As an aside, when your body has sufficient protein intake, it prevents the body from looking in toward muscles to get its protein from which it burns for fuel.

Once the body has a sufficient level of protein, it then turns its attention to fat reserves for energy, and thus, you begin to lose weight.


Veggies and Eating Them

There’s a vast number of people who push vegetablesto the side of the plate, but they are the second most important food group.

Eating enough is crucial to your overall success. They are low in calories, and very rich in nutrients, and bring numerous other health benefits.

Vegetables are also high in fiber and full of water which aids in filling the stomach. Not all vegetables are equal, and the intake of some should be limited.

Non-starchy vegetables are the best and can include: Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes.

Vegetables which are low in fiber and come with a higher glycemic load can be associated with weight gain, these can include: potatoes, peas, and corn.



Regular Eating Times

A proper eating plan is easier to control than eating at different times. It might not always be possible, but controlling hunger and the habits you create to combat it are easier to stick to.

If you’re eating times are varied, this is where the brain begins telling you, you are still hungry. When you follow a plan, you can cross the physiological and psychological barriers in the moment.

This structure also has a secondary benefit. A hormone (ghrelin) is released before the body thinks it is about to be fed.

This hormone causes us to make wrong decisions when we are hungry and waiting until you are hungry before you eat means that bagel looks like a healthy choice.

All eating places where you can buy lunch or eat dinner are all geared for failure. Foods are nutrient deficient, calorie dense and aren’t filling.

When you eat healthy, you might be swayed to hit the gym and perform lots of cardio exercises. One tip is to limit this.

If you do too much cardio, your body becomes fuel efficient, it burns fewer calories, so it has enough energy for more extended training periods.

Exercise stress is what causes this, and is one of the most potentdefense mechanisms the body has.

Overall gentle exercise which uses all muscles groups, will burn calories faster, increase metabolism and have you lean in no time.


Thank you Robert for this super informative article. I definitely learned a lot and I hope you all did too!

If you want to learn more from Robert, head over to his website, Whatsupp Workout, and connect with him on Linkedin



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