8 Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start This Year

8 Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start This Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and next Thursday, we officially kick off the holiday season. I could live a full and happy life without the traditional Thanksgiving food but I love being around family. Thanksgiving has always been a positive holiday in my eyes because of the traditions. Growing up my mom was the mom all my friends loved. She was the Pinterest mom before Pinterest existed. She would make chicken pot pies in actual flower pots and wake up early to make us gourmet, nutritious breakfast every day before school. Back then I thought she was a little nutty but she always had special traditions for us.

8 Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start Today ---- Katelynn Ansari

Thanksgiving has always been special to me because of the traditions.

Most people dread the holidays because bringing together large families leads to drama and tension. But Thanksgiving should be memorable, especially if you have a family of your own. I always thought my mom was nutty for her Thanksgiving traditions, yet here I am, preaching about creating your own family traditions. My mom made Thanksgiving special, Thanksgiving was a memorable and desirable holiday for us. As a new mom myself, I strive to be like my mom in so many ways so that Cash can have memorable days founded with traditions.

That’s why I’ve rounded up 8 fun traditions you can start this upcoming Thanksgiving. Some of these traditions are traditions I grew up with and some are my own I’ve started with Cash over the years.

8 Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start Today ---- Katelynn Ansari

8 Thanksgiving traditions I personally love

1. Start the morning with a special breakfast.

Thanksgiving day gets crazy busy super fast. Thanksgiving day quickly turns into prepping your food to getting the kids dressed, getting on the road on time, and navigating all the chaotic traffic. Before you meet up with your extended family, spend some time making your immediate family feel special. Cash loves cooking so 2 years ago we started making turkey cinnamon rolls together. It was a fairly easy recipe that he could be included in.

2. Watch the Macy’s Day parade.

I don’t know why this is a Thanksgiving tradition but I always loved watching all the floats, bands, and dancers, parade through the city. We had one T.V growing up so there were always equal parts Macy’s Day Parade and football.

3. Have a special plate and use it at dinner.

My mom found this red ceramic plate that had “You Are Special” written around it. When everyone sat down for dinner, we would all go around the table and say one reason why that person was special. On Thanksgiving, the plate would also be used as a starter for everyone to go around the table and say something they’re grateful for.

4. Create a keepsake tablecloth

This works best if you’re always hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Buy a durable tablecloth and have everyone sign their names. If the kids are too small, add their handprints or footprints until they can write. I love this tradition because you will see how your family grows and have memories of loved ones who have passed.

5. Play Football

While the turkey is cooking, grab a group of people and head over to the nearest park for a game of touch football. A fun way to get hyped up before the food coma

6. Walk off the feast

This is something my Ansari family does every year. After Thanksgiving dinner is all cleaned up, we all bundle up and go for a night walk. It’s a great way for all of us to be off electronics and have real conversations. Plus I could always use the exercise after a feast like that!

7. Volunteer at a food kitchen

Before I had a family of my own, my friends and I would all volunteer at a food kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. It was a great way to give back and feel like we did something positive before Thanksgiving dinner.

8. Donate food and/or leftovers

If you can’t donate your time, you can definitely donate food. Thanksgiving is notorious for an abundance of food, so share it! If you’re making a dish, make two and drop one off at a shelter on your way to dinner. Or package up leftovers and find places to donate leftover Thanksgiving food. I found a great article here were you can find local spots in your neighborhood.


What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? Do you do any of the same traditions I do?

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8 Family Fun Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start Today ---- Katelynn Ansari

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