My Top Ways To Find Anxiety Ease

It’s normal to feel anxious and nervous from time to time. A big job promotion, a short deadline on a huge project, a first date; all these things are bound to ruffle your feathers every once in awhile. Here are my top ways to find anxiety ease.

For me, anxiety is physical pain due to my constant worry. Sometimes it hurts to stand up straight, I get short of breath, or wake up at odd hours of the night (like I am now writing this at 4:30am).

I’m a type A, overly organized, control freak. So when things go in a direction i can’t control, uncontrollable anxiety kicks in. I prefer to stay away from prescribed medication because it’s not solving the problem. It’s only masking it. I believe in a more holistic approach but fully understand why prescriptions for anxiety exist, because anxiety sucks!!!

Normally to keep anxiety away when something small happens (ex small day to day stuff), I’ll do these things:

– I’ll skip out on technology and I’ll go for a walk. Bring myself back to a grounded state.

– I also drink hot, decaffeinated, tea + lemon every night to help keep my stomach calm. My favorite is the Yogi brand “Soothing Caramel Bedtime” it helps relax me to have a good night’s rest

– I write down everything I need to get done for the day, in order of importance, and won’t sweat if the unimportant things don’t get taken care of. It feels accomplishing to physically cross things off that list and throw it in the trash when I’m done.

When something big happens and I have week long attacks, dealing with anxiety becomes a daily, hourly, task. Most people can’t just skip out on work and parental duties but I’ve found there are ways to feel like you’ve taken a break from life while still upholding your responsibilities.

– set aside a window of time to “take a break” and try to make the most of it without going over the deadline. So if you feel anxiety coming on a Monday, give yourself till Saturday to let your mind wander. Then Sunday you’ll get back into the swing of things and be back in action by Monday

– Let go of any responsibilities that aren’t urgent. I’m talking social events, financial troubles, anything that’s daily real estate in your troubles, let it go for your “break”. As for your urgent responsibilities like job, kids, etc. You still need to take care of those and you still need to do them well. 

– Essential oils are key. I use Anxiety Ease every morning around my temples and wrists. It smells like oranges and every time I smell it throughout the day, it helps calm me.

– Listen or read affirmations. My friend Summer gave me this wonderful playlist to download by Deepak Chopra so every morning on my way to work or when I feel anxiety come along I listen to it.

– No alcohol. It might calm your anxiety but will trigger your mind to work overtime, causing more anxiety.

The key to bad anxiety is to give yourself a break. Anxiety can’t define you if you don’t give it the power to. So doing little things every day can really help keep it at ease but when something big comes along, like it did for me, give yourself a break. Accept that anxiety is happening but don’t let it control you.

I hope this helps anyone else who suffers with anxiety. You will get in control of your anxiety, I promise

Have you ever had anxiety?

What are some of your anxiety cures?

Drop me a comment so I can learn!



Katelynn Ansari

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