How to Build a Core Mom Group By Planning a Moms Night In

How to Build a Core Mom Group By Planning a Moms Night In

It’s hard to remember my life before I was a mom. Cash is almost 4 years old but time has flown by so fast! One thing I remember before I became a mom was the relationships I built with my fellow single girlfriends. When you have the time to invest in like-minded friends, there’s really nothing better. Becoming a mom is a major life shift. Over time, I grew further and further away from my child-free friends. It wasn’t that anything happened but becoming a mom, all my free time involved my son. My life went from mimosa Sunday brunch to diapers and stroller walks. I missed connecting with like-minded women and chatting about the things in our lives. As a new mom it’s hard finding a core group of mom friends to really connect with.

Cool mom groups are hard to come by…

If you’re new to my blog, let me tell you: I am a cool mom. I really enjoy spending time with my son, joking and laughing. My days consist of coffee in the morning and wine at night. I try to always cook healthy, nourishing foods but don’t freak out when it’s been a long day and pizza delivery sounds like heaven. With all that being said, it’s hard to find mom friends I really click with. Sure there are the playground moms or the never-leave-the-house moms but I don’t like the playground and I’m a busy body so I’m always out and about. What I was in search of were boss mamas who love their kids, will wake up early to workout, go grab coffee, understand when you get busy, and always down to Wine Down.

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

That’s why I think all moms need a Wine Down

One of my good friends Rachelle planned this amazing evening for us called Wine Down Wednesday. To celebrate the holidays, we all made plans to have wine and appetizers at her house. It was mostly moms who were invited but a few kid-free girls came too. Because if your character is cool and you’re down to earth, you’re always welcome in our group!

Rachelle provided pretty much everything, she’s a total party-planning rockstar. But we all brought a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share. I brought these amazing chocolate dipped caramel pretzels that were divine and a bottle of Cavit Pinot Grigio.

A glass of wine is my “relaxing” time

Some women like to relax at the spa, but a glass of wine is my way of relaxing. I love sipping on a glass of wine in a great, fancy wine glass. Lately I’ve been loving a glass of Pinot Grigio from Cavit wines. Cavit has a many wine varietals but I’ve been loving how the Pinot Grigio tastes with a variety of appetizers. The Pinot Grigio is elegant in character with crisp fruit flavors to compliment chicken, fish, and salad. 

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

Cavit gave me a few bottles of the Pinot Grigio to test out but immediately fell in love with the sweet, crisp taste. I decided to do a little more research on Cavit as a brand and was blown away with my findings.  

Cavit practices sustainable vineyard practices 

In our eco-conscious society, I don’t understand why more vineyards aren’t using sustainable farming, erosion control, and natural fertilizer. Cavit is based in Italy but their wines are very reasonably prices and can be found at stores like Total Wine and Bevmo!.  

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

I’m so into Cavit lately, I’ve been bringing it with me to all my holiday parties. Because I don’t want to wonder if they’re going to have the white wine I like. Am I micromanaging a little here? Probably, but when you know what you like, you know what you like! 

Tips to making your Wine Down a success

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

First, you need to find yourself a mom group. This might be the hardest part. I struggled to find a great group of mom friends for almost 3 years. My best suggestion on this would be to join local facebook groups, attend family events, and just be yourself. Don’t judge other moms for their choices, we’re all just trying to figure it out day by day.

Next, you need to plan it. Moms are probably the busiest people on the planet and then double that when the holidays come around. From school drop offs to holiday parties, to soccer practice, moms are always go go go. So plan your wine down at least a month in advance and make it known. Send out a text, make a Facebook event, and set reminders.

Make it potluck style. Have every mama bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine to share. Might I suggest checking out all the varietals from Cavit wines? They have a great price point and are full of flavor!

And finally have an activity. Rachelle had the great idea to do a wine glass exchange. So after we noshed on cheese, appetizers, and everything in between, we came inside for our wine glass exchange. The activity couldn’t have been more perfect. A bunch of moms sitting in a circle with wine in hand rolling dice and laughing. We kept the wine glasses wrapped so it was a surprise to see what you left with.

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

These were the rules my girlfriend Ashley came up with and we had a blast!

Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas




Wine Down Wednesday with your mom group --- via #wine #holidayparty #orangecounty #momgroup #momfriends #cavit #pinotgrigio #partyideas

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