A Cool Mom’s Guide to Creating a Modern Day Baby Book

Mother’s Day is coming up so fast! I can still remember how proud I was to be a new mom celebrating Mother’s Day. In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, I reflect on the journey of motherhood. Carrying Cash in my tummy, nourishing him, praying over him, and finally getting the chance to meet him. Being a mom is a whirlwind adventure and most days I don’t know where time goes. This year will be my fourth Mother’s Day. It’s hard to imagine that 4 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches again, I am already starting to reflect on the last 4 years as a mom. Being raised by a wonderful adoptive mom, I only hope to show Cash that same kind of unconditional love. One thing I had always been hard on myself was that I never really made Cash a baby book. Being a young single mom, I was more focused on Cash’s well-being and surviving than I was creating a baby book. I have all the photos, I wrote notes, I saved all the milestones, but I don’t have anything physical to share with Cash.

The modern era we live in is partly to blame because we do everything digitally. But to be honest, my own baby book is super outdated. While it’s a great memory book to have, it’s not something you keep out and share with your friends. That’s why I’m changing the game and using Mixbook to give Cash the baby book memories he deserves.

Why I’m Using Mixbook To Save My Memories

Mixbook is an online website that allows you to turn your digital memories into physical copies. The whole website is super easy to use and the products are insanely affordable without sacrificing great quality. I was connected with Mixbook to create a gifted Oh Joy! memory book but all opinions are my own.

A Cool Mom's Guide to Creating a Modern Day Baby Book via www.katelynnansari.com

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If you visit the Mixbook website, you will see all the options you can choose from. I chose the ‘Cheerful Days Kid’s Yearbook by Oh Joy!’. I chose that particular book because I wanted to make a 4-year memory book for Cash. Along with the design I chose, there are plenty more to choose from. The ‘Travel Photo Journal by Oh Joy!’ which would be amazing to recap a family vacation and gift to Grandparents, your kids, or your spouse. The ‘Ombre Photo Journal by Oh Joy!’ would be a great back to school gift for your kids to remember their fun summer.

Getting Started With Mixbook

What I really loved about Mixbook was how easy it was to navigate and to create a masterpiece. Once you click the product you want, there’s the option of changing the page layout or leaving it as is. You can add stickers, change fonts, adding text, etc. Over the years I made sure the photos I saved on my computer were organized by month and year. So creating a chronological book wasn’t hard. In fact, I did the book with Cash helping me! It was an added bonus to go through 4 years of memories and smile at the past. It took me about an hour to go through and pick the photos I wanted to use.

A Cool Mom's Guide to Creating a Modern Day Baby Book via www.katelynnansari.com

#MothersDay #Mixbook #BabyBook #Memories #DigitalMemories #OhJoy

Obviously creating a memory book spanning over 4 years is going to take longer than just doing one summer trip book. But once I selected all the photos I wanted to use, I uploaded them into my Mixbook queue. And guess what? Mixbook does a great job of chronologically organizing the photos too! Once the photos are uploaded, you just drag and drop them into whichever space you’d like them to be. That’s it! You can tinker with stickers, text, anything to customize it to your personal liking.

I Was Blown Away By The Quality

When my Mixbook came in the mail, I was blown away. It arrived so fast it and the quality was amazing. Not really knowing what to expect; I chose the 10×10 size and matte lay flat hardcover. You know the little kids books that are made out of thick cardboard type paper? That’s the quality of this book, except it’s not a kid’s book, it’s a memorable book with all my special photos in it!

A Cool Mom's Guide to Creating a Modern Day Baby Book via www.katelynnansari.com

#MothersDay #Mixbook #BabyBook #Memories #DigitalMemories #OhJoy

I immediately wanted to show Cash his new baby book. So we laid down in bed and looked at it together. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he saw photos of himself as a baby. Not really sure he’s ever seen pictures of himself newborn or before he could walk. I could tell he thought the book was very special and took extra time examining each page.

The book is so beautiful and sturdy, I want to leave it on my coffee table for everyone to see. Knowing how easy it is to create a book like this, I’m going to start doing more of these so we can bring our digital memories to life. One thing I would have done differently is editing. I would have edited my photos in Lightroom or VSCO before uploading them into Mixbook to give the book a more cohesive and even more professional feel. But that’s just a minor tweak I plan to spend the extra time doing on my next Mixbook.

A Cool Mom's Guide to Creating a Modern Day Baby Book via www.katelynnansari.com    #MothersDay #Mixbook #BabyBook #Memories #DigitalMemories #OhJoy
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