From Santa Himself, The Insider Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

If I could, I would buy a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any for sale until December 1. So I reluctantly wait to buy my tree but as soon as December 1st hits, that Christmas tree is in my living room. Now I bet I know what you’re thinking: “why don’t you get a fake tree and put it up before Thanksgiving?” Yes, that would eliminate my impatience, but have you ever smelled a fake tree? Yeah me neither. The problem with fake trees is that they don’t permeate your house with Christmas tree scent.  

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh -- via #christmastree #realchristmastree #decorating #familygoals #christmasoutfit

I buy a Christmas tree for the smell 

And I want that smell to last in my house as long as possible. Since I buy my tree as early as possible, keeping it fresh is very important. Our favorite type of tree to get is the noble fir. It typically lasts the longest and smells the best. This year we found them reasonably priced at Home Depot. One thing I like to do is let Cash pick out the tree. I might guide him a little but it keeps the mood feeling spontaneous


The trick to keeping a tree fresh longer is to trim it 

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh -- via #christmastree #realchristmastree #decorating #familygoals #christmasoutfit

Once you pick the perfect tree from the lot, ask the kind staff to cut 1” off the base of the tree. Christmas trees are just like fresh flowers. Their base will dry up and not receive water so it’s important to cut the base to reveal fresh “tree veins” allowing the tree to drink freely. 


Then you do something super odd 

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh -- via #christmastree #realchristmastree #decorating #familygoals #christmasoutfit

After you put your tree in the stand, you’re gonna do something crazy. You water the Christmas tree! But the trick here is to water it with boiling hot water. The water temperature in our apartment pretty much gets to boiling so we just use that. Naturally the sap from the tree will rush to the freshly cut base to seal it back up. The theory is that if you add boiling water, the water will loosen up the sap and keep the tree openly drinking  

After the boiling water, it’s all maintenance.

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh -- via #christmastree #realchristmastree #decorating #familygoals #christmasoutfit

  1. Make sure you keep your tree out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. These factors will speed up the drying process.
  2. Opt for LED lights. They are a little pricier upfront but cost less to keep on, reduce the risk of fire, and when one goes out, the whole strand doesn’t go out. So really, you’re saving money by buying LED
  3. Continue to water the tree. If you have kids, make it a morning chore to check the water level of the tree. Add fresh water daily so the tree has plenty to drink.

Then I suggest making yourself a festive cocktail or mocktail and decorating the tree as a family.


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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh -- via #christmastree #realchristmastree #decorating #familygoals #christmasoutfit

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