Getting Toddlers to Sleep

Cash has always been a busy busy boy so it’s only natural that he needs his sleep. I can still remember the first night I started sleep training him around 1 year old. He cried the minute I put him in his crib and I sat outside his door, also crying. It’s not easy getting kiddos to sleep in their own beds and not put up a fight but over the years I learned that kids crave routine. So here is my nightly routine that I do with Cash so that he relaxes and going to bed isn’t a constant struggle.

5:30pm – 6:30pm:

Dinner time and family time.

We all get home from the day and just wanna relax and be kids. It’s so important for kids to be kids while they can. I let Cash have free time on his iPad to watch YouTube or play games.

7:00pm – 7:30pm:

Bath time.

Cash gets a warm bath every night regardless of what we did for the day. I learned that it relaxes him because  who doesn’t like snuggling up into bed when you’re all nice and clean?! I add a couple drops of lavender essential oil, which also promotes relaxation. When he’s sick, I’ll add a couple drops of peppermint and eucalyptus to help clear up his sinuses so he can breathe freely.

7:30pm – 8:30pm:

Cuddle time!

The iPad and phones get put away and we cuddle on the couch. I turn down all the lights and we watch a movie and/or read our favorite book Everyone Poops. Cash has gotten so used to cuddle time that cuddle time isn’t complete without a blanket, pillow, and his favorite stuffed animal. This is my favorite time of the day, I love the special time we share together just living in the moment and cuddling with my clean little munchkin.



I always speak to Cash like the intelligent little human he is. I let him know that it’s bedtime. Sometimes he pushes back (he’s a toddler, what kid doesn’t?!) but most nights he gives Trav a hug and heads to his bedroom with his stuffed animal. I always spray his bed with a water-diluted spray of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. We’re so into this routine that now Cash wants to spray his own bed, so of course, I gave him the responsibility and he loves it. The biggest lifesaver to living in an apartment with a toddler is the fan. I have one of those old noisy stand up fans that drowns out all noise from entering his room.When he’s sick, I elevate his mattress with a folded towel and that keeps all the mucus from building up and waking him up.


He falls asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow. It’s a bit of a process but we’ve all gotten so used to it. Cash will sleep for 10 hours a night, sometimes 12. He is a growing boy who needs his rest especially on the days when he has to wake up early for preschool.


How do you all get your kids to bed? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear other people’s bedtime routines!

Katelynn Ansari

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