How I Got 12+ Fall Outfits From Forever 21 For $150

Fall has to be my favorite time of year because I love the fashion! With all of the colors changing and family traditions, I go a little wild n’ out for Fall. And my drastic change in wardrobe is no exception.

With that being said, I am a momma on a budget and I have a family to feed and bills to pay so of course that always comes first so while keeping budget in mind, I love gearing up for Fall with new outfits. I’m talking chunky sweaters, boots, scarves, oranges, browns, reds, all of it! So how to get a whole new wardrobe from Forever 21 for $150

So how did I manage to get a whole new wardrobe for $150?

I went to Forever 21 and If you know me at all, I love shopping at Forever 21. Most of their clothes are good quality and will last you about 2 seasons. And for the price, I can afford to stay on trend and buy some quality clothes. The trick to buying your entire wardrobe for $150 is mixing and matching solids with a few statement pieces thrown in.

Here’s What I Bought

1. Corduroy Mini Skirt $15
2. Pinstriped Flare Jeans $24
3. Striped Pocket Tee $12
4. Striped Sweater Dress $24
5. Cami Overall Mini Dress $19
6. Ribbed Boat Neck Sweater $19
7. Glen Plaid Shawl Blazer $24
8. Basic Crew Neck Tee $5
9. Basic Knit Leggings $3

Now Let’s Get To Mixing and Matching…

As you can see I numbered everything to help this process out.

Outfit 1 (and my personal favorite):

Pinstripe Flare Jeans (2) + Ribbed Boat Neck Sweater (6)

Outfit #2:

Keep the Pinstripe Flare Pants (2) but switch out the Boat Neck Sweater (6) for a Basic White Tee (8)

Outfit #3

Keep the Pinstripe Flare Pants (2) and the Basic White Tee (8) and add a cute Blazer (7)!

Outfit #4

Now let’s lose the Pinstripe Flare Pants (2) but keep the Glen Plaid Blazer (7) and White Tee (8) and add the Corduroy Skirt (1). I really liked this outfit with a neck scarf too because it was super trendy and different.

Outfit #5

Pair the Corduroy Skirt (1) with the Striped Tee (3) and maybe some cute over the knee boots or ankle booties to complete the look.

Outfit #6

Piece the Corduroy Skirt (1) with the Basic White Tee (8) and I would add some fun statement earrings with this outfit.

Outfit #7

Pair the White Tee (8) with the Overall Mini Dress (5)

Outfit #8

Add the Boat Neck Sweater (6) to the White Tee (8) and Overall Mini Dress (5) and tie it in a knot in the front to get another cute look!

Outfit #9

This is a bit of an obvious one but the Boat Neck Sweater (6) and the Basic Leggings (9) look perfect together.

Outfit #10

Then keep the Basic Leggings (9) and add the Striped Tee (3) and the Glen Plaid Blazer (7)

Outfit #11

Striped Sweater Dress (4) and pair with some heeled booties that go to your mid-calf.

Outfit #12

Keep the Striped Sweater Dress (4) with the Glen Plaid Blazer (7)

Who else likes to shop on a budget? I don’t care if I won a million dollars tomorrow, I would still want to find great deals.

Katelynn Ansari

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