Making Blueberry Banana Pancakes, Like My Mom Did

What are some of your family’s traditions?

There are plenty of traditions from my childhood that I look forward to passing on to Cash. One in particular being pancakes for breakfast. My mom would wake up extra early just to make us blueberry, banana, or chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. To this day, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Give me some eggs, waffles, pancakes, orange juice, and I’m happier than a clam on Christmas.

Today I’m making blueberry banana pancakes with Cash

Taking the traditions my mom made with us by making banana pancakes with Cash. I always loved waking up to the smell of banana pancakes in the morning. Once I saw this perfect pancake maker on, I had to order it. Getting Cash comfortable in our new home is a major priority in my life along with making those traditions he will remember 20 years from now.

My mom used to make her pancakes with Bisquick.

I wanted to tweak her recipe and make it a little healthier by adding some Greek yogurt and blueberries to our pancakes. It makes the pancakes a little more nutritious without changing the flavor of delicious banana pancakes. Our whole family devoured them and I felt good knowing they had a healthy breakfast! If I don’t have time to whip up pancakes from scratch, my favorite pancake mix is Kodiak Protein Pancake Mix.

Click here to get the full made from scratch recipe

Blueberry Banana Pancakes Recipe

What are some traditions in your family?

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