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If you’ve seen me in a bikini, chances are you’ve seen the ugly scar on my stomach. If you haven’t noticed the scar, I’m pretty sure you were looking at my boobs ;). Anyways, it was an ugly scar. I got from an ovarian cyst during my pregnancy with Cash. Long story short, my OB-GYN performed the surgery when I was 13-weeks pregnant. It was the safest time for the baby and needed to happen ASAP because it had the possibility of rupturing and causing a lot of damage. Like most patients, they trust their doctor so I didn’t get a second opinion and let my OB-GYN do the surgery.

All went well during surgery and Cash was unharmed. That was my biggest concern. But after the scar healed, it was uneven (how does a surgeon make a crooked line?!), it was lumpy, and cut through my muscle causing a lot of pain. I don’t know how a surgeon could have created such an ugly scar. I’m sure he just didn’t give a shit about the aesthetics of it.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was contacted by Mia at Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills, CA. She insisted that Dr. Grewal fix the ugly scar on my stomach. Of course I said YES! I practically had to photoshop it out of every photo and it made me dread being in a bikini.

My new incision is still healing but I can already see that it’s smaller, flatter, and thinner. My experience with Dr. Grewal and the staff at Rockstar Beauty was the best. I was definitely very nervous but they kept me calm and answered all my questions with ease. Dr. Grewal definitely has an eye for beauty!!


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Visiting Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills, CA
Visiting Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills, CA

Katelynn Ansari

6 thoughts on “Rockstar Beauty

  1. I think you’re an inspiration to anyone you come into contact with, above all you’re the only person that needs to be happy with your body. I never noticed your scar and no it has nothing to do with your boobs, there is way more to you then T&A. You work hard for your fit body, you do great things for other people. My favorite feature about you is all the great things you do for other’s, and your beautiful eyes and smile. Sorry had to put that in lol. Last but not least you’re breathtakingly beautiful woman inside and out, keep up the positive work.

  2. After reading of course i had to go look, I didnt see one then I thought maybe your right i am the @ss that was just lookin at boobies 🙂

  3. I am simply happy that you were able to have your scar attended to…Never really noticed because i was drawn to your energy,Personality as well as your beauty..take are

  4. You’ve a magnetic personality that’s why people didn’t notice. Nevertheless, I am happy that you got what you wanted. more power to you! 🙂

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