The Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Home

As our little family grows and we plan to make it grow a little more, we’ve decided we need more living space. So we’ve started looking for our first home to buy. Super exciting, right?! I agree…but it’s also super terrifying buying a home. I feel like your first home is a huge decision and an even bigger commitment. Not only do we need to find something that meets all of my needs but also meets all of Trav’s needs too. And not only does it need to meet all of our needs now but it has to meet our needs for the next 30 years. Dang, that’s crazy to think that buying a home today will affect my next 30 years.

Like I said, exciting but frightening.

There are some places that are just good to grow.

And we found that out when we checked out the new Bedford Community in South Corona. It’s the cutest little community of brand-new homes. They really promote a sense of community by installing parks, bike trails, pools, and a marketplace. Bedford South Corona plans on having plenty of movie nights, Super Bowl Sunday parties, sunrise yoga, and so much more! I got to tour the model homes and loved the overall vibe. There was so much open space for Cash to run free and games like Connect Four and Bocce Ball all over the property. He definitely loved the extra room (& a playground on site)

They are having their Grand Opening on Saturday September 22nd, click here for directions.



But how do I go about buying my first home?!

First, prepare for the long haul. Buying a house is a huge commitment. Be prepared for the responsibility of buying a home and the financial requirements that come with owning a home. Are you financially prepared to fix the roof in case of a leak? Are you committed to staying in that same location for a while? Most mortgages have a 30 year fixed loan – meaning your paying the same amount every month for 30 years. So definitely find a home that you can comfortably afford.

Next, make a list of the things you need, want, and don’t want. Your list should take into consideration the next 30 years. Do you plan on having more kids? Is this a fixer-upper or your retirement home? All things to consider!

Finally, stay consistent. Don’t open any new credit cards or sign any new loans, they could affect your home-buying process. Try to enjoy the process, as stressful as it can be. This is the next step in your life, how exciting!! I had fun going from room to room with Cash at The Bedford Community and talking about how we’d decorate each room. Cash particularly liked the boy’s rooms with all the toys, basketballs, and cooking kitchen.

Do you own your home? What is some advice you can give me as a first time home buyer? I greatly appreciate it!!


Katelynn Ansari

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