The Perfect Nighttime Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

I recently visited a Sephora in search of something to prevent aging.

30 is getting closer and closer; yikes. I don’t know how I’m almost 30 but I do know that anti-aging skincare is going to be my best friend from now on. Anyways, I spoke with the most knowledgeable sales woman in skincare. After talking with her for a few minutes, she summed up all my skincare concerns. I learned that I was actually doing everything wrong for so long. I have an oily t-zone which I always thought meant I needed products to combat the oily-ness. Actually, being oily means your skin is so dry that it’s producing more oil than normal to combat the dryness.

Since then I have been all about the hydration.

So here is my Winter to Spring nighttime skin routine. I can’t wait to share with you my absolute favorite product!






Why I love these products:

They are all about hydration!

I used to cleanse my skin with a drugstore brand cleanser and that was severely drying out my skin. This Boscia Tsubaki ball is super gentle on my skin and doesn’t strip away any natural oils.

Then I use the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads which are AMAZING for exfoliating and fighting blemishes/blackheads. It has glycolic acid in it so I only use it at night and you must wash it off after 5 minutes or it will wreck your skin.

Then I alternate between the Simple Hydrating Booster and Algenist Splash Sleeping Mask. The Simple Hydrating Booster is amazing because it is plant based so you can use it whenever your skin starts feeling a little tight (I mix it in with my SPF in the morning too). The Splash Sleeping Mask is only meant for 2-3x a week and I use it 3x because my skin was so dry it needed the extra love. So 4 nights a week I use the Simple Hydrating Booster and 3 nights a week I sleep in the Algenist Mask.


If you have any questions about this blog or anything else, feel free to leave a comment!

xo, CupKate


Katelynn Ansari

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