The Ultimate San Francisco City Guide: Where to Stay, Eat, and Explore

I just recently went to San Francisco for my “mini-moon.” We decided to do a mini-moon for two reasons. One, we were still beat from the wedding. Neither one of us really wanted to get up and go for another week. And I really have no desire to plan another event in my life. Clearly, being a wedding planner is out of my career path. The second reason is that Trav is so deathly afraid of flying. The only trip he would agree to by plane was San Francisco.

So we found ourselves planning a trip to San Francisco.

We booked our tickets on Alaska Airlines. I had recently flown to Oregon on Alaska and was impressed with their travel experience. Most airlines today charge an arm and a leg for every add on outside of the ticket price. Want to choose your seat? There’s a fee. Want a bottle of water? Thats a fee. Want to watch a movie? You guessed it, that’s a fee.

With Alaska Air, we got a great deal on tickets. We only paid the price of the ticket and got so much more included. We were able to pick our seats (premium class is extra), every seat had charging ports, and included in the flight was in-flight entertainment. In-flight entertainment is available if you have a smartphone that can connect to the internet while in the air. They offer tons of new movies and t.v. shows completely free of charge. Just make sure to bring your headphones!

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Once we landed in San Francisco, we ate our hearts out…

Trust be told, I totally planned on writing a blog about ‘How to Eat Healthy While Traveling.’ But after day one, that wasn’t happening! Trav and I did a lot of walking so most of the food was justified. Plus, there were some really, really great restaurants in San Francisco. I had only been to San Francisco for Oakland Supercross and wasn’t too familiar with the area. Yelp became my best friend during our stay. Actually, thanks to Yelp, our first night was a raving success.

After a much needed nap at our hotel, I was searching for things to do in San Francisco. We stayed at the Hotel Vertigo in Nob Hill. I saw on Yelp Events there was a standup comedy show later that evening at a hole-in-the-wall bar. The bar was called Bar Fluxus. We had the best time watching free stand up comedy and noshing on tasty appetizers and mezcal drinks.

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After Bar Fluxus, we attempted to go to this really cool pizza joint called, Fifth Arrow, but we were too beat. On our way back to the hotel, we couldn’t deny the glorious smell coming from Bellissimo Pizza. It was a few doors down from our hotel and quickly became one of our favorite spots.  We even got it for breakfast one morning, so good!

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The location we stayed in was perfect.

We walked about 8-12 miles a day because everything was so close to our hotel. One day we went downtown to the Salesforce Building and then continued on to Pier 39 where I had the best Clam Chowder bread bowls at Fog Harbor Fish House. From there Trav and I hopped on these fun little Skip Scooters and went exploring. We spent about 2 hours on these scooters and saw the Palace of Fine Arts, The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and the Painted Ladies.

Skip Scooters were a really fun touch of excitement to our trip. They cost $0.15 a minute and you  pick them up and leave them anywhere when you’re done. It was about the same as an Uber for both Trav and I to ride them but it was so much more fun and memorable than just sitting in a car.

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San Francisco is very tech savvy

In the city of San Francisco there are many means of app-based alternate transportation. We stuck with Skip but there were bikes, mopeds, and shared rides. But the coolest tech thing we saw in San Francisco was a robot that made our coffee. At Cafe X, they have a robot that makes a cup of coffee for you. I’m already saving up to have one put in my house. Just kidding!! Well, kind of kidding.

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Here are some more fun places to stay and eat in San Francisco.

I feel like this blog is getting a bit lengthy so I’m gonna finish up with a list of the rest of my favorites.

  • Fino Ristorante & Bar: The BEST place to go for late night desserts and a glass of wine. I got the chocolate lava cake, yum!!
  • Tropisueño: Great for Mexican food. Their set up is a little weird, you order from a line of cooks and pay at the end of the line. And then another line for the bar. Then someone will come bring you your food. I wasn’t crazy about the set up but the food was fresh, tasty, and the line was out the door!!
  • Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery: A great little spot for breakfast. They had a huge menu with lots of options. I got the lox bagel and Trav got the greek omelette.
  • Hot Cookie: NSFW bakery located in the Castro area of San Francisco. We enjoyed it but be ready for penis cookies and all sorts of naughty desserts! We got a toffee cookie too and it was so chewy yummy!
  • Hamburger Mary’s: Right over by Hot Cookie. Hamburger Mary’s is a basic diner that transforms into a drag show on the weekends. Check their website for times because we missed it but really would have loved to have brunch at a drag show!

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I did a lot of Yelp research and found some really awesome spots in SF. We weren’t able to try them all but I kept them in my collections for anyone who wants to check out San Francisco!

View San Francisco Yelp Collection

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