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I can’t believe Trav and I are coming up on our 2 month wedding anniversary!

It feels like yesterday that we were at Disneyland and he was proposing to me. In between all that, there was excitement, lots of planning, and a bit of stress. Wedding planning can be quite the project to take on, especially if you’re doing it yourself. We had a destination wedding in Colorado and the entire day couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was warm, everything went according to plan, and I got to marry the love of my life. Stay tuned for a big wedding day recap!

When Travis proposed, he went all out…

He had me send him photos of the exact ring I wanted and had the ring custom made to be exactly what I wanted. Ladies, is there anything better?! Because of that, I really wanted to reciprocate the thoughtfulness and get Trav a really special wedding ring. While I was looking around online, I came across a wedding band brand called Stoberi. Each wedding ring is truly a piece of handcrafted, quality art.

Starting with Stoberi

Before you commit to a ring, Stoberi will send you out a complimentary ring-sizing kit. Trav isn’t a big jewelry guy and hasn’t been married before so his ring size was a complete mystery. A little fun fact: Trav apparently was so anti-marriage that when he proposed to me, his family and closest friends were totally shocked. Anyways, back to the ring; we found out through Stoberi’s handy ring sizing guide that Travis is a size 9.5. It fit snug but easily went over the knuckle

Picking the ring

I ended up choosing The Frederick for Trav. I love how traditional and timeless the ring is. When it arrived, it came in the coolest eco-friendly packaging.

Best Piece of Marriage Advice:

I know I joke about our 2 month anniversary coming up but that’s nothing in comparison to both of our parents who have both been married to the same person for 35+ years. So if you’ve done the whole married thing, please leave us your best marriage advice in the comments so we can live happily ever after and follow in our parents’ footsteps!


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