Why I’m Taking A Break From Instagram…

Having a good social media game can open many doors if you’re in the entertainment industry.

I slowly transitioned from print modeling into a blogger, influencer, content creator because of the increased reach I could get by putting my work online. Now I absolutely love creating content for social media. I love finding new fashion and beauty trends and sharing my life with all my awesome friends! However, I recently decided to take a break from Instagram because of their less than average algorithm. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on…

Instagram’s Algorithm

All social media has its own algorithm. Facebook pushes photos with faces in them, Twitter keeps everything chronological, and Instagram…well..Instagram likes to smoke meth and press buttons. No one seems to know the exact formula behind Instagram’s new algorithm but it’s hurting everyone who creates content. I have 176,000 followers on Instagram but due to the new algorithm change, only 10% of my following sees the post, thanks to Instagram. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair. I loved when Instagram was a chronological feed. So if you’re not liking and commenting on every post I put up, you’re not going to see it unless I tell you I have a new post up. Instead, you’re going to see some random account purposefully placed into your timeline.

So Why Did You Take A Break..?

I took a break from Instagram because I got shadowbanned. Shadowbanning is when Instagram sees something on your page that doesn’t comply with the way they do things. However, that system is also automated so this video of Cash dancing to Despicable Me 3 got taken down because it wasn’t branded as “paid.” Well I hate to break it to you, that wasn’t a paid post. I was that movie so much, I kinda wish I was getting paid for it!

Then it happened again when I posted a photo talking about my wedding. Again, not paid.

So for that reason, Instagram put a shadowban on my account.

What Is A Shadowban?

A shadowban is basically Instagram sticking you in the janitor’s closet. They take your account off the grid and make it unseen by anyone who isn’t following you. When you add a hashtag, like #Minions my post doesn’t show up under that hashtag. My account is completely incapable of reaching more people.

In Conclusion…

I have taken a break from Instagram because I refuse to let a silly app dictate my revenue. I am working on starting two separate companies and don’t live for likes. If Instagram wants to shun me from the “cool kids,” I have no problem with that. There are plenty of viable social media platforms I can join. Also, this gives me more time to work on my blog and focus more on my companies. Hope you guys will understand and stick by me. I truly love interacting with you all!

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