4 Ways to Enjoy the Little Things with Cupcake Vineyards

4 Ways to Enjoy the Little Things with Cupcake Vineyards

What’s your biggest goal in life? Is it something tangible like earning more money? Or perhaps it’s fitting back into your skinny jeans?

For me, my biggest goal is to find joy in the little things.

Trav and I just got a new house, I got a new car, and a new job. And as I try to juggle house projects, being a mom, working, and our new marriage, I’ve found that it’s so easy to get caught up in tasks. Truly, the tasks these days are never-ending!

Sharing a glass of Cupcake Wine with my husband

By finding joy in the little things, I find the time to actively slow down and be in the moment. I find joy in my son showing me a silly YouTube video because I don’t know how long this phase will last or just sitting and cuddling with my hubby who does so much for us. If you know anything about me at all, you know how I also find joy in a nice glass of wine. That’s why I’ve partnered with Cupcake Vineyards to share how I changed my mindset to find joy in the little things. Cupcake Vineyards has two new canned varietals, Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc which have 2.5 glasses of wine in each can. They were the perfect addition to our summer picnic on the beach date night. I could definitely see myself bringing the Cupcake wine cans on hikes, to a pool party, or even just keeping them in my fridge because I don’t drink an entire bottle of white wine before it goes bad.

On a side note, if you know me in the slightest, you know that my nickname since college has been CupKate. Naturally when I became of drinking age, I was drawn to Cupcake Vineyard wines solely for the name. Not to age myself too much, but that was 9 years ago and I still love Cupcake wines. I was never a huge fan of hard liquor or beer but wine will always have my heart. The Cupcake name drew me in but the easy-loving taste and the affordable price point kept me comin’ back for more. I know the quality I’m getting with Cupcake Vineyards. Plus they have canned varietals which I mean… c’mon, genius!!

*side note ended*

Every week Trav and I do a date night. It’s our way of reconnecting after a crazy week and keeping our marriage strong. This week we went to beautiful Laguna Beach and had a picnic on the sand; it was so magical.

Boho picnic at Laguna Beach

We had a cheese board, sandwiches, and of course I brought the Cupcake Vineyards canned wine! Our lives are super laid back and casual so a picnic on the beach was perfect. We packed up the cooler with our Cupcake wines, sans wine opener and glass bottles.

We turned off our phones and just hung out in the moment; the waves crashing, seagulls flying by, sipping on refreshing vino, and watching the sunset. It was perfect.

1. Carve out time in your schedule where you can be present: This means no cell phones, no distractions. For us, our weekends are family time. So, I try my best to unplug and spend as much quality time with Trav and Cash as I can. I try to get out of the house to do fun things but sometimes, it’s been a long week and I just wanna chill. In that case we’ll paint or watch a movie but the important thing is that we’re spending quality time interacting free of distractions.
Cupcake Wine now comes in a can
2. Get outdoors: I’ve noticed that our quality of connecting is amplified in a new setting. By going to the beach, a farmers market, or a local city event it gets us out of our routine and sparks new conversations
Sitting outside drinking Cupcake Wine with my husband
3. Ask questions: I met Trav in his 30’s so his childhood is a total mystery to me. Whenever we do something I try to ask him questions about how he grew up. “What sports did you play?” “What was your go-to snack?” “Where was your favorite family vacation?” I know all about his life (and neither of us want to talk about work on the weekends) so talking about who he was when I didn’t know him is always fun to learn about.
Beautiful day in Orange County
4. Bring the wine: Wine is such a socially fun activity to do. I love opening a new bottle of Cupcake Vineyards (or can in this case) and sharing it with Trav. I love the conversation that comes along with trying a new type of wine, asking how it tastes, sharing tastes of different wines like we did on the beach, cheers-ing to good fortune, and then just chillin’.
dancing at the beach with wine

What are some ways you like to connect with your spouse? Do you love wine as much as I do? I’ve always been a fan of Cupcake Vineyards so there’s no change there. But after trying their canned wine, I’ve found a wine that fits in with my love for the outdoors.

Katelynn Ansari

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