A Quick Guide To Reconnecting With Your Kids In A Social Media World

I remember coming home from school and my mom would ask me the same question every day, “how was school?” And I would say “it was fine” every time. The vicious cycle would continue from 4th grade until my senior year in high school. The truth was, ‘school’ was always just fine. Public school teachers were locked into a salary and didn’t care to teach. School was mindlessly strolling from class to class, seeing the same faces along the way. I would anticipate my mom’s question every day. There was a major disconnect between us when I came home from school and this was before any type of social media. So how do you make sure you are reconnecting with your kids in the social media world?

Nowadays kids spend all their time on social media

Kids can instantly connect with their friends by sharing YouTube videos and creating funny Snapchat videos. The amount of time kids spend mindlessly on their phones is mind-blowing. And I’ll admit, I’m one of those parents who has always used the iPad as a way to get a break. However, there needs to be a time to reconnect with your kids in a positive and constructive way. As parents, we need to really get in our kids’ faces and ask the important questions and not just the general ones like “how was your day?” We need to learn what is going on in our kid’s lives…How are they really feeling? What do they love doing?

How to reconnect with your kids…

First you need to get your child’s attention. Everyone needs to step away from the phones, tablets, television, and engage with each other!

Next, you need to ask questions that can’t be answered with one-word answers.

“What activity makes you the happiest?”

“Who did you play with today?”

“If you could pack your own lunch, what would you pack”

“If you could switch seats with anyone in class, who would it be? And why?”

Kids crave connection with their parents

The truth is that kids want to connect with YOU – their parent. I know I wanted to tell my mom everything that was going on at school like who was being mean, who I liked, etc. As a parent, we need to approach our children from a non-judgmental and comfortable place. Try asking these questions during your bedtime routine, or while cuddling on the couch, or during some spontaneous one-on-one time.

I recently found this fun family activity, Kids Obstacle Challenge.

Kids Obstacle Challenge is an adventure and obstacle course race series for kids ages 5-16, with over 13 fun and challenging obstacles and mud. It is the largest adventure and obstacle course event series for kids in the nation! And the best part is, it’s a FAMILY adventure – parents get to run with their kids free of charge!

I absolutely love what Kids Obstacle Challenge is about and felt so compelled to share. Kids Obstacle Challenge because it promotes connection, bonding, adventure, and active family fitness. 

We proclaim, “Brave Your Adventure!” to encourage kids to courageously face the obstacles they will encounter on our adventures courses and carry that courageousness over to obstacles they will encounter in life. Kids Obstacle Challenge is committed to helping foster a more active, adventurous, and perseverant younger generation.

Kids Obstacle Challenge is coming to YOU!!

Dates & Locations of upcoming events

As I stated before, Cash is too young to participate in Kids Obstacle Challenge this year but we can rally the team and start practicing! We’re gonna hit that jungle gym  h a r d  so we can dominate the competition next year.

If you have kids between the ages of 5 – 16, then I definitely recommend checking out Kids Obstacle Challenge. Get ready to get muddy, spend quality time with your kids, and wear them out! I’d personally make a day out of it: let your kids decide on what they want to eat afterward and keep all phones on silent to really get that quality time in!

If you do check it out, use my personal discount code and receive 20% off – MUDDYKIDS20

& please tag me in your muddy photos!!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Kids Obstacle Challenge. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Katelynn Ansari

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