Beauty Demo For BECCAxCHRISSY Glow Palette

Beauty Demo For BECCAxCHRISSY Glow Palette

This palette is perfect because the formula is so silky and it blends so well. I don’t normally wear blush in fear of looking like a 90-year-old grandma but with this palette, it looks like I just got done working out. Here is my beauty demo for BECCAxCHRISSY Glow Palette. 


Right now the palette is only $46 at Sephora and it’s a great way to brighten up your look with all the colors in it. 

Here’s what I used

  • Malibu Soleil bronzer as a contour
  • Hibiscus Bloom blush on the apples of my cheeks
  • Beach Nectar highlighter on all my favorite highlight spots
  • Rose Gold highlighter on my eyelids.


If you’re looking for more tips on beauty, I am always working on making new videos and finding great new products to share! I love this list of products that can all be found at Sephora, head over to my post and get your shopping cart full! As far as I’m concerned, you can’t really ever have enough makeup.

Check out the YouTube video too!


Katelynn Ansari

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