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If you’re anything like me, chances are you psych yourself out of a million ideas because they aren’t perfectly put together. I’ll admit, perfection is something I used to strive for before I stepped out of my comfort zone. I’d wait for the perfect opportunity or wait until I had all my ducks in a row.

I’m here to tell you that that’s the worst mindset to have. If you have that mindset, you’ll never make your passion happen. If you are passionate about something, you need to run with it. No matter how basic it may start out; build the ideas along the way and make decisions as they present themselves.

Not every idea is going to be a success, most of them will fail (I don’t sugar coat things) but there is the possibility that one will be a homerun. Creating ideas and running with them is great for the mind. It keep your imagination on point and gives you the ability to dream. Failed ideas are also a great learning tool. I know that I’ve learned a lot about myself and the things I find passionate. For example, I was dead set on entering the healthy food business (ahem CupKates and Cardio). Turns out after countless research, baking, and eating, I was over it. I had short term passion for it but it also showed me that I really liked living a healthy, organic lifestyle. I would never think of CupKates and Cardio as a fail, I learned so much and it propelled me into different avenues.

Life is all about growing and creating ideas will fast track that growth exponentially.

So let me know, what ideas do you have that aren’t perfect? When are you going to start them? Did I inspire you?

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Katelynn Ansari

2 thoughts on “Bright Ideas

  1. It’s the “art of possible” I currently lead a team that is responsible for innovation. Our mission isn’t to create new products that we’d market to a external customer but to create engagement within the enterprise with them. Many times ideas and tools that we launch are amazing way to collaborate as As an example, but are never adopted and fail miserably. The idea is only one piece to the puzzle. Adoption is key.

  2. I think another big issue is that people will psych themselves out over a business idea or passion because they let the idea of money come into their minds as well. What I mean is that they may have an idea or passion, but then starting thinking, oh wait, I will get not rich enough quick enough, or I won’t make my 6 figures a year with this. That is a big problem. Without passion, why do anything. Follow the Passion and the money will come as a result. Passion will drive more ideas and harder work.

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