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Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to love where you live. It’s the place you come to relax, unwind, and bring friends over to celebrate. It’s your happy place and it should reflect who you are. Now I wish I had millions of dollars to decorate my apartment but I’m on that single mom/entrepreneur budget. LOL!

Let me first introduce my little gypsy den. It’s technically the patio on my 1,000 sq. ft. apartment but with the right eye for design, it quickly became my retreat. Cash and I love coming out here in the mornings to have coffee, water the flowers, and it’s a great place at night to have a glass of wine and good conversation.


A beautiful night to enjoy a glass of vino and relax
A beautiful night to enjoy a glass of vino and relax

I was able to create this whole backyard oasis by spending less than $200…I love that it’s added a whole new room to my apartment!


Outdoor rug: $70 from Ikea

Couch Cushions: $52 from Target’s outdoor section

Couch structure: FREE pallet I found outside a supermarket that I cut in half to match the cushions

String lights: $24 for a set of 2 at Target

Curtains: $8 for 2 sets at Ikea

Orchid: $20

Pillows: $10 for 2 in Target’s seasonal section

Antique chest: well, that was passed down from my parents from when they first got married. It’s a super special piece I used to complete the look

Hanging essentials: $10

Blanket: from Sack Cloth + Ashes

Mornings with Cash

I really want to shed some light on the company Sack Cloth + Ashes because they are one AMAZING company. Their whole company is based off giving back. So if you purchase a blanket from them, they donate one to your local homeless shelter. How legit is that? I ended up getting two because of their cause. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and cozy they were. I’m glad I bought two!

Leave me a comment, a question, or just some love. I LOVE hearing from you all!

Did I mention I love coffee + cuddles?

Katelynn Ansari

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  1. The guy who noticed your scar is the same guy who noticed an irregular line on Botticelli’s Allegoria della Primavera.

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