Don’t Accept It

I think all moms out there can agree that bouncing back after baby isn’t easy. Some moms make it look really easy and they are the 0.05%. They give bouncing back a bad name. I would be lying if I said I bounced back quickly even though I did bounce back relatively quick in comparison .


I was talking to a friend about my post-baby body. The conversation was mainly about how freaking hard it is to get back into shape after having a baby. It isn’t just losing the weight (in my case I gained nearly 60lbs!); it’s finding time/support to get your butt to the gym after the baby is born and finding the energy to make healthy meals when it’s easier to just eat toddler leftovers. If everyone knew the struggles of a new mom, they MIGHT be a little more sympathetic when we reach for a cupcake and then cry afterwards because it made us “fat…” The Struggle!!


I was at a point earlier this year when I had kind of accepted the fact that the rest of the weight wasn’t going to come off. It had been a year since Cash was born, I was working out, watching what I was eating, and still trying to lose the extra lbs. The first 45lbs melted off like butter. I attribute it to the lack of sleep, copious amounts of coffee, and carrying around a diaper bag that weighed more than a small cow. I was always on the go and was so determined to get back to my post baby weight of 118. I’d workout when Cash slept or I’d go at midnight because I was so motivated.


Anyways, I started this year at about 130 and it would fluctuate down to 125 if I was really cautious but that was rare. No more weight was coming off and I was super bummed and got complacent that this might be where I’m stuck at. Long story short, I decided to give it one last ditch effort. I started training harder and prepping my meals before hand and had a lot of mental support. It really helped to eat the same thing every day and it made grocery shopping easier (& cheaper). In the past month I lost 13 lbs and even put on some muscle. My confidence level is through the roof knowing that I endured and I’m actually in better shape and weigh less (117lbs) than what I did when I was in my modeling prime.


I want you to know nothing is impossible. It might seem like it is but don’t ever give up on yourself. You can get back to your pre-baby weight. You can even be better. You just have to be consistent in your changes. Give yourself a month before you give up! I lost all motivation but recently found that motivation again after small changes in my diet and people who supported me in my life helped bring that spark back. Sometimes the answer is right there but we just don’t see the potential we have in ourselves…


Here’s an example of what I’d eat in a day. I always had these first and if I was still hungry I’d snack in between. My main focus was to fill up on super healthy stuff and lots of water


whole wheat toast + avocado + turkey slices



chicken breast + roasted veggies + rice



some type of lean protein + salad + goat cheese + quinoa


As you can see, it’s structured but not strict. It’s a very clean diet of fats, carbs, and proteins…and of course Mom Happy Juice. I could never do a diet that restricts me from wine. My mental health would be shot to shit.

Did I leave something out? Leave me a comment and I’ll get it answered ASAP

16 month progress

There’s always room for improvement. Not one of these photos is “bad.” If you’re looking at one of these photos and can relate to one, don’t get down on yourself. I still see places I can progress in my last photo but seeing how far I’ve come makes me happier than anything!

Katelynn Ansari

4 thoughts on “Don’t Accept It

  1. Thats so impressive! My question …is structuring a Diet(Hate the Word!) (FUEL PLAN?) …Do you advocate a strict plan early…or a flexible plan with Moderate Cheat days?

    1. I tend to have my clients slowly transition into a diet that works best for them and can become a daily routine. For instance, if you LOVE soda, focus on cutting it out for 2 weeks before you cut out another RED FLAG FOOD CHOICE. Then once you’ve gotten used to not craving soda, eliminate bad carbs, and continue the process till all the RED FLAG FOOD CHOICES are eliminated. I think it’s way easier to ease into a healthy lifestyle and accept the moderate cheats than to fully uproot your life by changing everything all at once

  2. I’m at this point right now. pre baby weight 100lbs; gained 50lbs with baby, current weight 115lbs. My son is 14 months now, I did a lot of walking after he was born and the weight came of so easily. Now I am at this point were I can’t lose anymore, and I don’t think I’m concerned about losing weight just losing the pooch in my belly. Before being pregnant I never worked out just walked a lot. I am a stay at home mommy, so I don’t have money for a gym pass so I’m starting to work out at home. I have 5lb weights, elastic bands, jump rope and do Pilates. Any tips that would work best to get rid of my belly pooch.

    1. Hey Karissa! I wish there was an answer for why those last lbs are so tough!! What I would personally do is really put yourself on a clean diet for a month while working out. What I mean by that is eating lots of veggies, lean protein, and drinking lots of water. Stick to a strict diet for a month and exercise regularly…As far as exercising, I would do HIIT based exercises…high reps with minimal rest periods in between.. for example: 10 push ups, rest 45 seconds, 20 crunches, rest 45 seconds, 10 burpees, rest 45 seconds, etc and repeat 4 times. I would walk as much as you like and then add 3x a week of HIIT training on top of the strict diet “jump start.” I have a feeling you’re like me where once you get it off it’s easier to manage but it’s hard to get those last LBS off

      I also have an ebook with 12 weeks of exercises similar to what I just gave you if you want to email me at or you can find them on sites like pinterest too 🙂

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