Don’t Limit Yourself

We are either our own worst enemy or our own best friend. No one can decide what your relationship with yourself is; only you can do that.

In my experience, the main reason why people don’t achieve their dream is because they always get in their own way. People adopt a negative mindset and bad habits that counteract every positive vibe and opportunity they come across. Making it impossible to get ahead in life and achieve your dreams.

After I was fired from a well-known energy drink company (I’m pretty sure you all know which one I used to work for), I was my own worst enemy. I was bitter and hateful. I felt like I was owed the world because something happened that was out of my control. Ironically, my life kind of spiraled out of control. I wasn’t working towards my goals, I was partying too much, and I was basically just wasted space. My mentality was so out of whack. I thought if something were meant to happen, it would fall on my lap. WRONG! You have to work hard, dream big, and not be afraid to make mistakes. Every single day you should be doing something to work towards your goal. Make smaller goals on the daily that bring you closer to those BIG dreams.

To get out of my bad habits, I did some soul searching, reassessed my life, dealt with my emotions, and stopped the downward spiral dead in its tracks. I wasn’t this negative person. I wanted the world but the life I was living was smothering out any positive flame with bitter negativity.

If you truly want something you will manifest that it will happen. Your mind will be locked in on it and you will visualize achieving your wildest dreams. Don’t let your mind wander into negativity. Let it wander into the farthest corners of your goals and accept that those crazy dreams could actually happen.

Wake up early, put in work, stay positive, and achieve your goals.


Katelynn Ansari

2 thoughts on “Don’t Limit Yourself

  1. I admire your dedication, and how you always keep positive, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy ’cause I think a lot about future, instead of the things I have to do in present to achieve a goal, but reading all the things you’ve done and been through is always a reminder that I have to focus on the goal and keep self motivated no matter what others may think…

  2. Her are my thoughts. When I was told I could not be a fireman any more I was completely devastated lost my dream job that I had had for 10 yeas was gone because of one hateful person. I thought to my self what the hell am I gonna do !! I had always had a side job but that did not last for very long either. So I picked up moved back to my home town and hit an all time depression. Then devastation hit my family when we lost my mom. So I took it upon my self to help keep dad company and take care of him. I did some side jobs but nothing permanent. All I did was stay home and watch TV ! Gained 50 lbs. then one day at the doctors office he told me I was a diabetic and put me on 4 pills a day. He said I need to lose weight in order to get off pills so I went home back to couch like always no motivation and sat on couch like a vegetable. Then one day I told my dad I’m tired of this and went to family gym and started to work out. Oh let me tell you it was rough but I forced my self to get there. Then I received a call to help out on a movie set and I got a spark in my eye because I was working out feeling good blood sugar was down and I started to work a lot on productions. I dropped 65 lbs and marked my self to different production company’s some times working for penny’s and now I stay busy between 15-20 days a month and feeling great. Then I started to following you Katlynn and your positive thought and your attitude sparked me even more. Thank you so much !!

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