Father’s Day DIY Present

Most of you know my family situation. I am a badass co-parent with my son’s dad. Of course with Father’s Day and Cash being too young to make his own gift for Dad, I came up with this fun craft for Cash to make that would be personal to Josh and not break the bank. Hey, he’s not my dad ok!


I bought all the products at Target in their craft section. It was super easy because everything I needed was right there and voila!

I forgot to mention, you can add whatever flower you want to the vase but I chose a succulent from Lowe’s because they are drought and male-friendly. They practically take care of themselves and require very little water.

So while Cash was sleeping I painted the vase a base white so the other colors would pop. Cash’s dad is really into camouflage so we went with camo colors: green, bronze, and black.

Step 1:

I recommend getting a drop towel and some paper towels to clean up messy hands. I painted Cash’s hand with the lightest color, bronze and stuck it onto the vase and let it dry.

Step 2:

I cleaned off Cash’s hands and then painted his hands next darkest color, green.


Step 3:

I cleaned off Cash’s hands and let the green dry. I painted his hands black. This by far was the hardest color. I think if I were to do this again I would opt for a dark grey instead because at this step, he wanted to “play” with the black and it kinda got messy.

Step 4:

Let everything else dry and add the flower of choice, in my case the succulent

And of course remember: If you’re co-parenting, treat them how you would LIKE to be treated. Keep an open line of communication, and always put your child’s well-being first. Feeling like a child is safe and stable plays a huge part in their development and well-being.

If you’re struggling with co-parenting, drop me a comment or a email, I’d love to talk more and help!!


xo, CupKate

Katelynn Ansari

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