How to Be Spontaneous: My Tips For All New Moms

Becoming a new mom was the most life changing event I’ve ever experienced. Hopefully I speak for a lot of women when I say “being a mom is the greatest adventure ever.” Being a new mom has opened my eyes to so many new things. I eat healthier, go to bed earlier, I even care about politics! I wouldn’t even recognize the woman I was before kids.

Who I was before I was a mom…

Before I welcomed my handsome little man Cash into my life, I was as spontaneous as they get. Who would blame me though?! I lived day by day and hour by hour. If I wanted to go on a weekend getaway, I would! Or let’s say I wanted to go meet my girlfriends for dinner on a random Thursday night, I could! Before Cash, I never planned anything and was never prepared. Boy how things change!

In my last four years of life, I must admit something…

I have lost all my spontaneous-ness because babies require a pretty strict schedule. Between nap time and hourly feedings, any new mom would be nuts to stray from the schedule. When Cash was younger, I used to plan my entire day around his nap schedules. A young baby who missed their nap could quickly turn into a terror. Plus, nap time was my time to unwind a little. You better believe I never missed nap time!

Thats when I found the new Coach collection at Macy’s.

I was gifted a beautiful Coach watch from the Perry and Charles collection at Macys. The watch has a traditional round watch face which is perfect for every day wear. This watch has inspired me to be a little more spontaneous in my every day. If you’re not a parent and you’re reading this, you might think I’m a little nuts for saying that I was inspired by a watch. But it’s true; I am inspired by the new Coach watch from Macy’s.

Being Spontaneous as a New Mom --- #CoachWatch #Macys #NewMom

When you’re a parent, the littlest things can inspire you or grab your attention. The other day I was pumped on a new toothbrush, yes a new toothbrush. Then someone in my social community called me out for being lame. Well, I hate to break it to you buddy, us parents, we get pumped on the littlest things! New toothbrush means less dental visits and less dental bills. Win!

How the new Coach watch inspired me to be a spontaneous mom.

Well, I was really eager to get my new Coach watch. So eager that I didn’t want to wait for it to ship. I went on and found it locally at the Brea Mall. As I was researching the Brea Mall, I saw that Santa Claus would be there too. “Perfect,” I thought! I can do something for myself but also do something Cash will love. Before we left on our spontaneous adventure, I made an appointment with Santa. I dig the spontaneity but mama also needs to plan. Waiting in lines is the worst!

Once we got to Macy’s I asked Cash to help me pick out his favorite watch. Cash loved the white one with pink, purple, and blue prairie-inspired Tea Roses. He loved being a part of my selection process! We got the watch and I immediately put it on. I love bold accessories that show off my style but are also mom-friendly. Meaning, I love accessories that won’t get caught by little hands or will scratch delicate baby skin.

Then it was time for Santa Claus!

Cash was beyond excited to meet Santa Claus. Ever since Cash was young, he calls Santa “HoHo.” Thankfully I bought the FastPass and made an appointment. The line to meet Santa was so long, it would have been miserable to wait. There’s an example of planning and spontaneity. Trav, Cash, and I walked to the front of the line and met with HoHo. Cash told Santa that he wanted a really really big robot. Seeing Santa through Cash’s eyes almost made me cry. My son is enamored with Santa and can’t stop talking about him. I was already in the Christmas spirit but after experiencing Santa, I’m all in. After our Santa Clause experience, we were hungry!

Being Spontaneous as a New Mom --- #CoachWatch #Macys #NewMom

This is where we went full spontaneous!

The planner in me would have brought a perfectly packed lunch just in case Cash got hungry. It would have had a protein, a carb, some fruit, and some carrots. However, today was a spontaneous day! After Santa Claus, I let Cash decide where we ate. Take a guess at what he chose…PIZZA! Hardly nutritious but definitely delicious; we made our way to California Pizza Kitchen where we chowed down on cheesy pizza.

With full bellies and a new Coach watch on mommas wrist, we had a glorious day.

Being Spontaneous as a New Mom --- #CoachWatch #Macys #NewMom

Here are some more ways to be spontaneous as a new mom…

1. Let your kids be in control.

Ask them in the morning what they want to do. If they’re young like Cash, give them some options fully geared towards them. “Would you like to go to the beach or would you like to go to the park?”

2. Be prepared.

Always have the essentials in your car, ready to go. I always have a blanket, jackets, a few toys, and a ball in my car. Wherever the day takes us, I will be ready

3. Avoid the alarm clock.

I do my best to keep a tight week but on the weekends, I can loosen the reigns a little. I don’t set an alarm, I make something a little decadent (like organic cinnamon rolls) for breakfast , and do nap time when I feel like nap time is needed.

4. Address our feelings.

There isn’t a schedule in the world that would make me dismiss my son’s feelings. So if ever he says he’s sad or frustrated, I stop whatever I’m doing to address his feelings. Some afternoons I’m totally beat and I let Cash know. Instead of going to the park, we might watch a movie instead.

5. Do something different.

I’m sure every family has their routine. Their favorite restaurant, their favorite activities, etc. Try and switch it up to something completely different. Perhaps instead of going to the beach again, why not try rock climbing or a pottery class?

As you can see, we had the most spontaneous day thanks to Coach and Macy’s. As I look down at my new watch, I will always have the memories of Cash and Santa and our fun pizza date associated with my new accessory.

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How to Be Spontaneous: My Tips For All New Moms


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