How to Get Motivated And Stay Motivated!

One of my biggest passions in life is motivating others to be their best self. It’s how I run my personal training sessions, it’s how I’m raising Cash, it’s what I post daily on my social media. Many of you might wonder how I’m so motivated all. the. time. Let me be the first to tell you it isn’t a 24/7 thing. I have struggles just like the rest of the world. I have moments where I doubt myself or I regret the actions I made but the key is consistency.


One thing is for sure,  I start and end every day with positivity. Throughout the day, I have positive affirmations to keep my mindset on track. The mind is a powerful thing. Once a person plants an idea seed in their mind, it grows like wildfire. Imagine that seed being positive vibes or negative vibes. If you wake up and already start thinking negatively, you will spiral deep down into a depression and wonder, “How did I get here?!”. I’ve been there done that and no good comes from it.


Rather than focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. We all have at least one good thing to be happy about. If you’re reading this, thinking, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for.” Well, I tricked you. You do have something to be grateful for. You’re reading this, which means you have the gift of sight; something that some people aren’t blessed with. Imagine waking up one day with sight taken away from you. What would you miss? Cherish that.

My personal tips and tricks to living a life full of positive vibes:

  • Get a good nights rest. Positivity takes proactive energy
  • Wake up with intention. Think of one thing that you will accomplish today. Keep it realistic. When you accomplish it, you’ll feel motivated to do more the next day and the day after that. Trust me, accomplishing sh*t is addicting!
  • Don’t check your emails until you get to work. The more you feed your own soul and disconnect yourself from your work identity, the happier you’ll feel about being yourself.
  • Surround yourself with the mindset you want to have. Your friends, the books you read, and the Instagram accounts you follow all have an impact on your daily mood. Constantly surrounding yourself with positivity will keep negative thoughts away.
  • Accept that the world ISN’T  Last but not least, you’re going to have bad days, such is life. But accepting that a bad day isn’t the end of the world or a direct definition of you as a person. Bad days happen in ways we can’t control. All we can do is control our reaction to bad days. Accept them and leave them in the past. Don’t dwell on the negativity.


This is what I do every day to stay happy and positive. I go to the gym to train my body and I train my mind with this daily routine.


Change your mindset, change your life!


Have questions? Don’t be shy; I love answering them! Drop me a comment so I can read it!




Katelynn Ansari

2 thoughts on “How to Get Motivated And Stay Motivated!

  1. What’s your motivation to work out?how many day during a week do you workout?do you eat healthy almost everyday?just asking cus it feels like I lost all my motivation :/ and pizza and big macs make it hard to be a healthy eater,happy to read your blogs tho,you a wonderful person

  2. Thank you!Great Blog! We always need Reminders to keep us on tract! Can you share thoughts on Affirmations? Some tips on how to phrase them? Self-Talk is another powerful tool, Maybe you can discuss these in Future Blogs! Thank you so much! Always a Blessing!

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