How To Glow On Your Wedding Day

As my wedding is quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you guys how and when I started my wedding beauty prep.

I started 6 months ago with my diet and exercise and decided to work from the inside out so I could really glow on my big day.

6 Month Check-In

I set up an appointment at the Sephora Skincare Counter and started using the products I would use up until the wedding. I wanted to make sure whatever I used to get my wedding day glow would give my skin time to adjust. My skin is a combination with an oily t-zone. Fun Fact: Did you know that if you’re extra oily, it means your skin is overproducing oil because your skin is super dry? I didn’t know that until earlier this year with my Sephora appointment!

My Skincare Routine (in order of how I use them)
  1. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm $29
  2. PURLISSE 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk $20
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads $45
  4. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Water Toner $7
  5. Algenist Absolute Hydration Sleeping Pack $48 -OR-
  6. Farmacy Sleep Tight Night Balm $48

Then I started working from the inside out. I cringe every time I hear someone wanting to crash diet before their wedding. It’s so unhealthy for you and why stress about a crash diet when you can start working on it 6 months prior?! So I stopped eating fried foods and making sure I have some leafy green and/or salad at every meal. I also started taking YouTheory collagen for my hair/skin/nails and to make my skin texture more radiant and smooth as well as Organifi Turmeric to help with bloating and fluff. I have always known Turmeric is amazing but I really noticed a difference in inches around my waist when I started taking turmeric daily.

After that, it was time to start working on my hair color. I committed to a cut and color and made a vow to stick with it. 6 months to the wedding, there is no time for impulse bangs, bobs, or lobs. Figure out the hairstyle you want for the wedding and stick with it.

Photo by Kelly Neil

3 Month Check-In

This is when I started my facial regimen. I got my first facial in April and made sure it was one that would really help my skin. Went to the Facial Lounge in Corona Del Mar and saw Ellle. I got extractions, microdermabrasion, and derma-planing. Since I had never had derma-planing before, now was the time to see how it would affect my skin. It made my skin FEEL amazing but I wasn’t crazy about the results, I actually kind of broke out from it so luckily I did my experimenting months before the wedding.

The second facial I got was in May; I decided to go a little more mellow and just do extractions and microdermabrasion. I absolutely love going to Elle, she listens to my needs and is so knowledgable, my skin looks fantastic! I am done with facials but will continue looking after my skin and probably doing a few Glam Glow masks I’ve used before to lead up to the wedding.

Keep working out and really try to relax.

1 Month Check-In

Now it’s crunch time for me! I’ll probably get a little botox around my crows feet and “11” lines, the ones right between my eyebrows. It takes about 3 days to kick in but it lasts for about 6 months so in case anything goes wrong, I would recommend getting injectables now.

This was the moment I also cut carbs out of my dinner meals so I can look lean AF for my wedding. I still eat carbs but after 3 they’re gone!

I’m doing Pilates 3x a week and loving it. We’ll save that rant for another blog but I just wanted to note what kind of exercise I’m doing.

By now, I had scheduled my hair and makeup trial with my girl Miss Amanda and sent her all the examples I pinned on Pinterest. I’m staying true to me and going a little more glam than natural.

I let my nails breathe a little before the wedding since I always get gel on my fingers and regular polish on my toes (I just feel like gel isn’t the best for your nail health so I’m waiting until 2 days before to get my nails done).

2 Week Check-In

Time to start whitening those teethies (and stay away from red wine!). I’ve done professional teeth whitening but that procedure hurt more than childbirth sooo I’m sticking with Crest White Strips!

It’s time to do one last root touchup, get a trim, and move up my extensions.

2 Days Prior

Have an at-home spa day; long shower, deep condition my hair, use my Brazilian Bod Buff scrub

Night Before

Wash and blow dry my hair…I have extensions in so that is a process within itself. I’m going to go easy on drinks at the rehearsal dinner because the last thing I want to do on my wedding day is look hungover. Plus that’s what the reception is for!

Day Of The Wedding

I’ll start my hair and makeup 3 hours prior to the wedding start time; making sure to have a robe or button down shirt on so I don’t mess anything up.

I’m going to eat a high protein breakfast and lunch because I’ve heard the bride doesn’t get a chance to eat dinner…sigh!

15 minutes before…I think a tequila shot is in order — and a breath mint for that matter.

And that’s it, here we go!!

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Leave me a comment below so we can chat!


Katelynn Ansari

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