How To Quickly Fix Common Skin Issues By Changing Your Diet

How To Quickly Fix Common Skin Issues By Changing Your Diet

Do you suffer from any of these common skin issues such as stubborn acne, puffy circles under your eyes, or decreased volume in your face? Chances are your diet is to blame and with a few quick fixes, you can stop and reverse these common skin issues.

Our bodies are like cars: they put out what we put in. So if you’re putting in junk food, salty food, or sugary foods, your outward appearance will reflect that. A healthy diet of complex carbs, leafy greens, and protein is what keeps our bodies running their best.

I remember when I was in high school, I had terrible acne.

Most days it was these little bumps that weren’t really pop-able pimples but I would pick at them any ways and end up with terrible brown scars all over my face. On top of the acne, I had braces and really frizzy mixed-girl hair that I had no idea how to tame. When I got to college, I started experimenting with my diet and learning more about food and nutrition. The whole food industry and nutrition fascinates me. I had played sports my whole life so with my fast metabolism, I ate whatever, whenever, and as much as I wanted. But when I got to college, I tried eliminating dairy from my diet and all of a sudden my acne disappeared.

How Dairy Affects Your Skin

The hormones in dairy can increase oil production on your face causing clogged pores and blemishes in just a few days. Dairy also causes inflammation so don’t be surprised if you lose a few inches around your waistline too. As a fellow cheese addict, I know it’s hard but if you struggle from acne, try subbing out regular milk for dairy alternatives like soy, cashew, or almond milk and stay away from the cheese and butter!

If you must cheat….

Hey I’m guilty of it too…Here are some acne-busting skin care products to help.

How Sugar Affects Your Skin

To be honest, sugar has never really been my weakness but for some people it’s a real addiction. However, sugar could be what’s causing your face to look less than youthful. Sugary foods causes glycation. Meaning those sugar molecules attach to your beautiful protein rich collagen molecules and destroy the collagen. So I gotta ask you, whats more important: that piece of cake or your youthful face?!

If you must cheat…

Like if you’re at a wedding, eat the cake, or if the only way to tame the period beast is to give her chocolate, by all means girl, feed the beast but prepare your skin beforehand.

How Salt Affects Your Skin

Ok, now we’re talking about my true weakness: salt. I struggle to pass up anything salty and carb-y so that might be why I’m always slightly bloated. HAHA! Salt causes your body to hold on to extra water. Extra water means extra water weight, a little extra bloating, puffy under eyes, etc. You get my point. It’s definitely easier to control my salt cravings when I am cooking at home because I know how much salt I’m putting in my food but when I’m eating out, I prepare for the worst. Restaurants are notorious for adding extra salt. Why? It’s extra flavor! I mean who cares if you leave the restaurant feeling like a whale above water as long as it tasted good…

If you must cheat…

The best way to save your face from excessive swelling is to sleep slightly elevated so fluid doesn’t hangout near your eyes and face.

What’s Your Biggest Skin Concern? Do you think it’s diet related??

Let me know, I love chatting with you!


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