Inexpensive Summer Date Night Ideas

To keep our relationship fresh and fun, Trav and I do weekly date nights.

We go out with friends occasionally, but we really enjoy dinner and a movie together. When we do get out of the house, it’s great to get out of our element and let loose. I always look forward to our date night every week and this week we had a great one, here is a little idea for an inexpensive Summer date night!


Summer is my favorite season!

I love sitting out on the patio and enjoying the warm air with some jean shorts and flip flops on. And add to that a refreshing cocktail and it’s a perfect time out. To get our date night in this week, we decided to check out Applebee’s because I had heard they were serving $1 strawberry margaritas.


Yes, that’s right. Applebee’s is serving refreshing Strawberry Dollarita’s

The promo goes on throughout the month of August and yes, they’re only $1. And since they were so cheap, I got TWO! The Strawberry Dollarita is made with tequila, strawberry, margarita mix, and is served on the rocks.


Definitely take advantage!

The promo will be gone at the end of August so plan your night out and enjoy summer because life is too short to have regrets!

This post was sponsored by Applebee’s. Drink Responsibly. Drive Responsibly. Must be 21 +.


Katelynn Ansari

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