Let’s Stay at Home! Inside Activities for the Kids

Let’s Stay at Home! Inside Activities for the Kids

Well here we are in the midst of quarantine – and it’s looking like we’re all going to have to stay inside for at least another month to help flatten the curve of this crazy pandemic! By now, I’m sure you have all exhausted the game cupboard, the play-doh has dried up, the coloring books are full, and you’ve watched enough YouTube. I think the best way to keep kids entertained through this time is keeping their energy spent, the activities that have them sitting still are great for the morning but there’s that afternoon boost they get that really needs to be given physical activity to get through! I looked through a bunch of activity lists and put together these energy-spending 12 inside activities for the kids to encourage the Stay at Home movement. Let’s get to it!

1. Have them build something tough!

This is an activity better suited for older kids (maybe starting at 4 at the youngest for this one). I’ve seen a few things online about building pillow forts and obstacle courses inside – which is great! But the time it takes to build them and the amount of enjoyment they get out of them once their done is usually short-lived.

I’m talking about building something that takes time to create (and find) the pieces to make and also takes a lot of energy to actually put together! Some ideas are a cardboard boat, an igloo or dome (you can make it from cardboard, but if you happen to have way too much toilet paper now, they can build it out of the rolls!), a cave, or a life-size birds nest!

The idea is to think of something that will take brainpower and physicality to create, they need to be resourceful and find materials to make the object inside as well as plan out the design of it. Of course, if you have smaller kids, you’ll have to help a bit – but this really is a great activity for the older kids to keep them busy for the better half of the day!


2. Create an indoor skeeball!

This one is cool because it’s another ‘built-it to play-it’ activity for the kids. I love the idea of building it off the couch or in their room, using the bed to create the incline for the skee-ramp. If you have a lot of cardboard laying around, they could build a super-sized one and use soccer balls or basketballs instead of smaller balls (and it would take them more time to set it up).

3. Lazer Maze

Give them a roll of painters tape and have them tape pieces from one wall of the hallway or kitchen to the other until they create a course of ‘lazers’ that they have to get through without touching to the other side. BUT – make it harder to keep them working at it longer, give them plastic plates and fill the plates with cotton balls, a ballon, or anything light. Then have them do the course while keeping everything on the plate. Give them ‘wins’ – so if you get through the course once, they get a small prize, and if they get through it 3 times, they get a bigger prize, and so on.

If you don’t have enough painters tape, you can use crepe paper.

4. Wall Bingo

This one I made up, and since I’m very pregnant right now, I can’t create it for a photo – but I think you’ll get it! Think bingo card but huge on a wall. First, have the kids tape craft paper to cover as much of the wall as they can to make their BINGO boards. Now, there are a few ways to do this – you could go simple and put numbers in the squares. OR you could make it hard and have them draw a different animal in each square, put math equations in each square, or even extra hard by putting physical movements in each square. Think B – 10 Jumping Jacks; N -5 Squats, I – 10 Push-ups.

Then put all the ‘answers’ in a bucket and let them have at it. The math and movement/fitness ones will definitely take a good chunk of time for them!

Have Fun!

I know we are all stuck inside right now, but really the only thing we can do is accept it and make the best out of it. We are all in the same boat here and from our family to yours, I wish you safety, good health, and sanity until we see the end of this virus!







Katelynn Ansari

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