My 5 Favorite Spices For Weight Loss

Have you tried every weight loss trick in the book…

But nothing sticks? Chances are, you’re doing it wrong. But I admit, weight loss isn’t easy. It requires a lot of consistency and smart choices. All these “tricks” are fad diets that help you lose water weight and muscle without losing fat. And I think I can say, most of us want to lose fat, not muscle or water weight.

Weight loss can be really simple, especially if you spice it up!

These 5 spices will help you lose weight and burn fat. All you have to do is start cooking with them.

1. Cayenne Pepper: By far my favorite spice when I’m trying to lean out a little. It actually has been proven to increase the rate at which your body burns fat AND stimulates your brain to release those feel-good endorphins. So if you can handle a little heat, sprinkle that sh*t on everything: eggs, chicken, salads, in smoothies, on sandwiches, etc.


2. Turmeric: I LOVE the results I see when I take turmeric daily. It really helps reduce inflammation both in fat cells and in joints. So not only does it trim my waistline but it also helps keep my everyday joint pains away. When I was a personal trainer, I recommended it to all my clients. A few said their knee pain was practically non-existent. You can buy it as a spice to put on food but I prefer it in pill form. I’ve tried a few but my favorite is Organifi Turmeric capsules.


3. Cinnamon: Well you can’t put cinnamon on everything but it still packs a punch to help stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce belly fat. I like to add it to smoothies, bananas, in protein pancakes, anything that’s a little on the sweeter side, I’m adding some cinnamon!


4. Mustard: Ever taken the “thermogenic” weight loss pills? I have. They make you so internally hot and sweaty but are they really doing anything? Probably not but mustard is a natural thermogenic. One study showed that eating 3/4 teaspoon of powdered mustard seed burns an extra 45 calories a day.  Hey, calories burned are calories burned!


5. Ginger: Not only calms an upset stomach but can also cut cravings and reduce your appetite. Ginger has gotten way more popular over the years, probably thanks to the Moscow Mule but you can always grab a ginger soda or suck on a ginger hard candy when those bad cravings hit!


Happy Seasoning!


Katelynn Ansari

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