Manifesting 2019: My 8 Very Specific New Years Resolutions

Manifesting 2019: My 8 Very Specific New Years Resolutions

I believe it was five years ago when I became a believer in manifesting your dreams and New Years resolutions. In college I had read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and thought the concept was fantastic but didn’t really believe it was something that could be applied. Anyways, we passed this book around my close circle of girlfriends and decided we would try out manifesting. We had a girls night where we all created our own dream boards which had our top resolutions for the New Year.

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

The first resolution on my list came true

within about 5 days of me making my dream board. I was in complete shock. My very specific resolution said, “1. Go to Japan”. I kid you not, within 5 days of putting those words into writing, I got a call from Paramount Pictures to Japan. As specific as that resolution was, I was sure I was reaching for the stars. I had traveled a lot with Monster Energy and other various modeling gigs. But writing specifically “Japan,” I was blown away by the opportunity. Shortly after a lot of my other resolutions came true and I was a believer in manifesting the things you want.

Manifesting is using your imagination

By imagining your wildest dreams, you are imagining what it would be like to be in that moment. You tell your mind what it would feel like to be at a better job, have financial freedom, or traveling to new places. By unlocking that idea in your mind, your intentions are set. You create the ability to make those resolutions happen. From the moment you write down your resolutions, your brain is hardwired to make those resolutions happen. When daily decisions need to be made, your mind with automatically veer towards the decision to achieve your resolutions.

Over the years I have been slacking on my resolutions

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you know there have been a lot of ups and downs. From babies to broken engagements, to living in a tiny apartment and plenty of job changes. Every year I still managed to make resolutions but none that were big bang dreams. In previous years, I wrote down things like “be able to pay my rent and bills every month,” find a steady income and job,” or “find the perfect husband”. All of these resolutions happened which was great. I met the man of my dreams, have continued another year of making my hobby a source of income, and can pay bills every month without stressing.

This year is the year of big moves

Last year was the year to set the foundation for my life. My resolutions last year were to be secure financially and emotionally. This year, I plan on doing it big. In 2019 I’ll be turning 30, Cash will be turning 5, and my blog will be a beautiful 3 years old. I have found my voice and feel so secure in who I am, 2019 is my year!

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

My 2019 Resolutions

1. Have a baby

We’ve been trying for a few months now and although it’s pretty self explanatory, I really want to be a mom of two in 2019

2. Make a 6-figure income.

After seeing my wildest resolutions come true, I’m reaching for the stars. I don’t make anywhere near 6 figures so if this resolution happens, manifesting is amazing!

3. Buy a home

We are completely stuffed in this tiny apartment. Not to mention we are paying an arm and a leg. For the last 2 years Trav and I have been saving up to buy our first home.

4. Go on a cruise

Trav has a serious phobia about flying and I love to travel. So I really need to fulfill that travel bug in 2019 and see some of the world.

5. Stop doubting myself

This is a huge one and I really need to remind myself of it every day. As an entrepreneur there are so many highs and lows. In 2019 I want to stop doubting myself at my lows. My resolution is to celebrate the lows the same way I do the highs. Even when things are slow, that’s a sign I need to work on “me” more.

6. Volunteer more

Volunteering is the one thing outside of my family and my work that truly makes me the happiest. Giving my time to those who need it brings me so much joy. In 2018 I fell out of volunteering to focus on myself and my family but I plan on getting back into it in 2019. If anyone has any local charities in Orange County or LA, please get in touch with me!

7. Interview Celebrities on the Red Carpet

Another big one I’m hoping to accomplish in 2019. I love interviewing movie stars for their upcoming movies. But I would love to experience what it is like to be on the Red Carpet

8. Book a hosting job once a month or even one consistent hosting job

Working with Universal this past year has been a dream. I have always wanted to interview people on camera. That goal became a reality when I got the opportunity to interview JLO, Milo Ventimiglia, and Leah Remini for their movie, Second Act. I’m manifesting that 2019 will bring more consistent hosting jobs!

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

Manifesting your own resolutions

It really takes a lot of self-awareness to manifest your own life. It’s important to write down what you want and be specific with it! Knowing who you are as a person will help you hone in on those dreams you want to manifest.

In the meantime, I created a simple printable to help guide your New Years Resolutions. Either print it out, write on it, and tape it somewhere you can see it or share it on Instagram and tag me @KatelynnAnsari.

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

Putting your resolutions out there for the world to hear helps make those resolutions happen!

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals


How are you celebrating New Years Eve?

We are going to celebrate with a few good friends and our kids. I am making these super yummy (& easy) French Dip Sliders and very festive 2019 Crescent Roll Dippers. We’ll play some fun games and probably call it a night before midnight. After all, I did say 2019 was going to be my year and I’d hate to ruin day 1!

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals


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Printable to create your own New Years Resolutions via #NewYearsResolutions #NYE #Manifesting #2019Goals

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