Pre Wedding Boudoir Shoot

Traditions vs Non-traditions

There are tons of wedding traditions out there. The father of the bride pays for the wedding, the bride must wear white, and the list goes on and on. Before we started planning, we both agreed to keep things very non-traditional. We wanted it to be about us and not about the traditions. Don’t get me wrong, we are keeping some of the traditions that mean something to us but we don’t want to be confined to structure that isn’t us.  One tradition I really like is a surprise present for the groom. It’s a present that the bride gives her husband-to-be before the wedding. I decided it would be a good idea to put my sexy panties on again and show Trav I know what’s up! Here is where I went to get great wedding boudoir photos.

Where to go to get your photoshoot

I will admit, after having a baby, I was a little off my sexy game. I definitely wanted to book a sexy shoot for Trav but knew I needed some help. So I booked a shoot with Karen French Photography, the best boudoir photographer in Orange County. She knew just how to work the most flattering angles and lighting to give me the sexiest photos. Karen is the Queen when it comes to showing women how to pose and accentuate all the curves. It honestly helps that she’s a woman!

When you book a shoot with Karen, she has a very exclusive and private studio in Irvine, CA. Hair and makeup is also provided by various makeup artists; I got my makeup done by Chelsea Rose who was a blast to talk with and nailed my makeup inspiration!

TIP: wear something loose to your appointment, it will keep lines from indenting into your skin!

Karen does it all!

I decided to bring my own wardrobe to shoot in but Karen also offers a full range of wardrobe at her studio for purchase and has a wide range of heels to borrow as well! Once you’re done with hair and makeup, Karen will set you up in a private dressing room and go over the wardrobe you brought to determine what is the best to shoot in.

I mean, this dressing room is so dreamy!!

Once she goes over wardrobe, she leaves to set up her studio and I changed into my first piece of lingerie. Her studio is super spacious and she makes the most of every inch!

As you can see she sections it all off so well and there are so many nooks to shoot in.

The run-through

The shoot lasted about 90 minutes and we cranked through about 5 different looks. I had so much fun and made sure to go out on the town with the girls afterward to make the most of my sex kitten make up!

About a week later, I came back into the studio to review the edited photos with Karen and pick out the ones I liked the most. Coming from the modeling world, a week turnaround on EDITED photos is unreal. I was so shocked when she said they would be ready so fast. I plan on taking my 30+ edited images and creating a nice coffee table book through Karen for Travis and giving it to him after the wedding!

Now are you ready to see one of the final images I chose?!

Ummmmmm DAMN Karen! This was a pose I was hesitant to try but once she showed me the raw images on her camera, I instantly felt sexier and more empowered!!

Please check out Karen’s website and her business. I highly recommend it to all women who wanna spice it up!

Katelynn Ansari

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