Simplifying My Daily Skincare Routine with Olay Whips

This post is sponsored by Olay, but all opinions are my own. 

My mornings usually go a little bit like this:

I wake up, wash my face, make a cup of coffee, apply moisturizer, wait for my moisturizer to dry while I drink my coffee, apply primer, wait for my primer to dry, and drink the rest of my coffee as I apply my makeup.

I’ve been modeling for 10+ years now. I’d like to say I have a handle on things but even I find my morning routine exhausting. My morning revolves around how fast I can drink my coffee while finding time to get ready. Truth is, the most frustrating part is waiting for my toner, moisturizer, and primer to dry.

Up until I discovered Olay Whips, my morning was a complete schedule of events.

I have combination skin so I always had to use a hydrating moisturizer topped off with a mattifying primer. Oh the perks of having an oily t-zone and a dry everywhere else. Having combination skin is exhausting and expensive (but at least I know I won’t have a ton of wrinkles)! I’m over here buying one product to hydrate my skin and another product to cancel out the shiny oil. Not to mention I can only buy these products at Sephora, which is a 30-minute drive from my house.

Olay Whips is a true unicorn in the beauty industry.

I love that I can find it at my local grocery store aka Target and it fulfills my need for a primer and moisturizer. I’ve been using the Olay Luminous Whips moisturizer. I started using this product and instantly felt the difference; I didn’t have the 3pm shine. My face felt light, airy, and velvety smooth all day long. I love being able to wake up in the morning, wash my face and immediately put on my Olay Whips and drink my coffee.

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3 Responses to Simplifying My Daily Skincare Routine with Olay Whips

  1. Kurt

    This ok for guys, too? Might have to give it a try.

  2. Larry Howell

    Maybe i should have a skincare plan myself…any advice for us guys?

  3. Jenna Hosier

    You are such a beautiful girl and have such amazing skin! I’m having surgery on my ear for the 12th time and have already changed my diet Because of you! So now i will have to look into this! Every time i have surgery my face is always dry and itchy I’m gonna have to look into this thanks love!

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