Time For Summer Style!

Summer Is Right Around The Corner

Summer is almost here for us Orange County locals and I couldn’t be happier. I grew up by the beach so I was always the girl rockin’ jean shorts and flip flops whenever I could. Now that I’m a mom, I wanted to refine my style a little without losing the casual OC vibe and it’s time for Summer style overhaul!

I’m the kind of woman that wants effortless. I want to be comfortable all day long. There can’t be any worries about my boob is gonna pop out if I’m picking Cash off the ground, worry that my hair is in my face, or kill my feet from the pain of uncomfortable shoes. I just want to be COMFY!

Say no to ‘hot mess’

There are ways to be comfortable AND put together while running around town all day. Don’t mistake comfortable for “hot mess.” Just because I want to be comfortable doesn’t mean I’m going to grab my big ugly sweats and a baggy t-shirt. NO, just NO!

I have long, thick, curly hair that’s a dream when it’s blown dry but with the amount of working out I do, I can’t justify the hour-long styling process of blowing it dry.

My solution: Braids + Buns. There are so many variations of braiding and buns that really refine messy bedhead in a snap.

My hair was styled at Blown Away Beauty Bar in Laguna Niguel, CA. Susan gave me some upside down boxer braids with dual space buns on top. I got so many compliments on my hair that I’m definitely trying this style out at home!

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As for my clothes…

all I want is effortless. I want to know that if I ate too much food my belly won’t be showing, I’m not constantly checking to see if a boob is out, and I know that my shoes aren’t going to be killing my feet by the end of the day.

My solution: My favorite clothing company, prAna. Their clothes are consistently soft and stylish. I love knowing when I buy their products they are made with sustainable materials and last wash after wash. 

My personal favorites are: 








The sandals are Rainbow’s, which I’ve owned throughout my life and they last forever!

What’s your favorite summer staple? Leave me a comment so we can chat!

xo, CupKate

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4 thoughts on “Time For Summer Style!

  1. You’re very inspirational. Two and a half cups of coffee and a little #cupkate makes my days. Your blog post today reminded me of my life back in NPB. Walking to the beach, dinners at the Spaghetti Bender, and riding my beach cruiser with friends down to Mutt Lynches for a schooner(s)Those were the Dayz. My most favorite memory was driving down Superior on a Friday after work and seeing the whole ocean just waiting to welcome me home. Oh how I miss living there, and cannot wait to return one day soon. Until then I will be content living vicariously through your inspirational words and the occasional weekend when I actually find the time to make the trip back to my old stomping grounds. Thanks, and keep it breezy

      1. Ok thank you for getting back to me! I like a lot of their stuff and seems online is better! I like rompers, crop tops and sun dresses for summer. Keep posting when you get some so I get ideas please!

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