The Quickest Way To Become A Blogger, Right Now! Part 1.

It seems like in a world of social media, anyone and everyone can be a blogger; and it’s true! All you need to be a blogger is a place to write and publish your work, brainpower, and internet. However, if you want to be a good blogger, you won’t want to miss my four-part series on how to be a badass blogger.

In this first part, I want to tell you how to start blogging. This might seem like the easiest part but actually it’s one of the hardest parts. If you’re going to build a house, you want to make sure the foundation is strong. Every person I’ve talked to about my blogging career wants to know how to start.

Honestly, I was in the same boat. I thought I needed to have everything perfect before I started to really hit the ground running. But it’s actually quite the opposite – wanna know why? Because at first you’re gonna suck a little. Don’t take that the wrong way (just go look at how basic my first blog post was) but if you focus all your attention on making your website perfect, you’re losing out on valuable learning time.

Yes, I want you to have a beautiful, fully functioning website but people aren’t coming to your website to look at a perfectly functioning, visually aesthetic website. They are coming to your website/blog to connect with YOU.

So Here Are My 5 Tips to Starting Your Blog…

1. Find Your Voice: 

This is the foundation of your blog. What is it that you like talking about? What are you passionate about?

The Quickest Way To Become A Blogger, Right Now! Part 1.    via #blogger #becomingablogger #howtobeablogger #howtomakemoneyblogging #momblogger #startingablog

Now is the time to figure out how you are going to take your first step into the blogging world. I suggest having 2-3 topics you regularly talk about. I consider my blog a lifestyle blog blog that focuses on Parenting, Attainable Fashion, and Everyday Beauty. From there I can branch out to similar topics such as healthy food for the family, family travel, gym fashion, etc. But my main concentration is those three topics.

2. Figure Out What Channels You Want To Utilize 

There are literally a bajillion social media channels out there right now and trust me when I say YOU WILL GET BURNT OUT trying to conquer them all. I recommend WordPress and a popular social media app or two. I have a blog, Facebook, and Instagram to draw traffic back to my blog. I had tried to go the YouTube route but after trying for a few months to get it up and running, it just wasn’t for me. Keep it simple and do what you do best. Try 3 social media avenues and reevaluate your efforts after 2 months to see which ones are actually growing.

3. Just Write! 

Don’t worry if you’re writing or format isn’t perfect, as long as you’re getting words onto paper and published on the internet, you’re golden, you’re officially a blogger! I learned so much from trial and error and playing around with all the features available to me. By writing your blog without worry, you are sharing something so unique with your readers that they won’t be able to get anywhere else: YOU!

4. Spend Equal Amounts of Time Researching as You Are Writing. 

Interaction is key to blog growth. Subscribe to other bloggers, read popular content within your niche (niche means your blog categories) and comment on articles, tag other bloggers for cross promotion. Find out where your readers hang out and start hanging out there too. There are so many places to start building your community: Quora, Google +, Disqus, Yahoo! News, Inbound, etc.

5. Don’t Focus On The Numbers.

 We all started at 0, there’s no way around that but growth is inevitable (luckily you can’t have a negative number of followers. Zero is as low as you’re ever gonna go. If you stay consistent you will reach new people and even more important, you never know who you’re going to inspire/motivate with your story. You have the potential to change someone’s life but you have to start. Don’t worry about being perfect. Be your authentic self.

The Quickest Way To Become A Blogger, Right Now! Part 1.    via #blogger #becomingablogger #howtobeablogger #howtomakemoneyblogging #momblogger #startingablog

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments…

P.S that’s the interaction I was talking about!

Also, I can’t decide what I want Part 2 to be about. Either “How To Make Money” or “Great Products to Kickstart your Blog”

Leave your vote in the comments and I’ll go with the winner!

The Quickest Way To Become A Blogger, Right Now! Part 1.    via #blogger #becomingablogger #howtobeablogger #howtomakemoneyblogging #momblogger #startingablog
The Quickest Way To Become A Blogger, Right Now! Part 1.    via #blogger #becomingablogger #howtobeablogger #howtomakemoneyblogging #momblogger #startingablog

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