7 Secret Tips To A Lasting Blowout and Giving Your Friends Hair Envy

I was recently treated to a blowout at DryBar by the Irvine Moms. It was a super fun, relaxing day where we got to drink champagne, talk about mom life, and get our hair done. I’ve had about 4 elective blowouts in my life time. Aside from getting blowouts at my monthly hair appointment, where my hairdresser Amanda won’t let me leave without fabulous hair. I have thick, coarse hair and I know how to do my own hair best.

Anyways, I absolutely love how relaxing getting a blow out is. In blowout salons, there are televisions with chick flicks, champagne, coffee, and room to work. For me, the beauty of a blow out is having some one else do my hair while I focus on working. A blowout is multitasking at its finest. I started thinking, how can I make my blowout last longer? Sure, blowouts are great but is a bi-weekly blowout in the budget? Probably not. At $50 a pop, a blowout is definitely a treat.


Here are 7 insider tips to keeping your blowout looking fresh


1. Schedule your blowout for success:

I’m always working out around my hair washing schedule. I will workout on the dirtiest hair day just so I don’t have to wash my hair 2x more. Same goes with a blowout. Go workout hard one last time, then get a blow out. Then keep your workouts light until your blowout is done.

2. Keep your hands out of your hair:

I’m super guilty of this one. If my hair looks fab, I just want to touch it. If I’m nervous, I touch my hair. Pretty much, I’m always touching my hair. The extra dirt and oil from your hands is going to ruin your blowout quick!

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3. Start using a dry shampoo right away:

Your scalp produces oil and sweat which is a no-no for a fresh blowout. To keep your blowout lasting, I start using a dry shampoo on day 2 to prevent oil buildup. Since I have dark hair, my absolute favorite dry shampoo is Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones.

Tips On How To Make Your Blowout Last via www.katelynnansari.com -- #blowout #drybar #thickhair #coarsehair #orangecounty #californiablogger #hairtips

4. Put your hair in a loose bun:

If you want to get your hair out of your face, twist a loose bun on top of your head and secure with bobby-pins or a 90’s scrunchi. Don’t use a plain elastic hair tie or you’ll get creases in your curls.

5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase:

The more research I do on silk pillowcases shows how beneficial they are. We spend 8 hours sleeping on our face and our hair. A silk pillow case helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also keeps your hair from getting frizzy and breaking off.

6. Minor touchups:

Since I have coarse frizzy hair, I like to run a little dry oil through my ends. I will do some touch up curls to pieces that may have fallen flat. But for the most part, I keep my hair as it is.

7. Play with different hairstyles:

Rock the voluminous all down look until about day 3 then maybe rock a 1/2 up 1/2 down look or pin some pieces back. And maybe on day 5 or 6 rock a voluminous ponytail. The possibilities are endless!

Tips On How To Make Your Blowout Last via www.katelynnansari.com -- #blowout #drybar #thickhair #coarsehair #orangecounty #californiablogger #hairtips


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Tips On How To Make Your Blowout Last via www.katelynnansari.com -- #blowout #drybar #thickhair #coarsehair #orangecounty #californiablogger #hairtips

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