What A Professional Organizer Does and Why You Need One

What A Professional Organizer Does and Why You Need One

“What is a professional organizer and why do we need one?”

The question my husband asked me when I told him Horderly was coming to our house to professionally organize our kitchen. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure what a professional organizer was until 1/2 way through the Horderly process and then it clicked. A professional organizer is someone who comes into your home, assesses your mess, and makes your space look like it came straight out of a magazine.

After we set the date and picked out which space was going to be organized,

Horderly told me it would be 12-14 hours of organizing. Now, I thought that was completely coo coo. I was just having them organize our kitchen. How could a space with not a lot of stuff (we moved from a small apartment to a larger house) take 12-14 hours?! Insanity. Horderly’s process is like a well-oiled machine; they had 4 organizers and it took about 11 hours from start to finish. To this day, I am so blown away by the work they did and tell Trav how grateful I am because I would have never been able to do a job half as well as Horderly. Not to mention it would have taken me weeks to find 10 hours of focused organizing.

kitchen organization before and after spring cleaning

kitchen organization before and after

Here’s their step-by-step organizing process and my thoughts on it:

  1. Tour/Prioritize – Horderly arrived promptly at my house at 9am; 4 women dressed professionally in all black with Horderly shirts and hoodies. Upon arrival, there was introductions and onto business. We showed them our kitchen, I gave them our preferences, and off they went. With the new baby coming, I wanted Cash”s snacks to be at a reachable distance for him and to make our kitchen more efficient. Trav wanted our pots and pans moved as well as a specific spot for our coffee mugs, k-cups, and Keurig.
  2. Full Pull Out – In about 30 minutes, they had taken EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and organized them into sections. It was such a speedy process, Cash walked over to Trav and said, “what the heck?!” Our kitchen looked like a tornado hit it.
  3. Sort – It seemed like Horderly did this at the same time they were pulling everything out. But to dive deeper into this process, they went through every single item in our kitchen. They looked at expiration dates on spices and pantry food. They paired wine glasses with one another and showed us what didn’t have a friend and tupperware that didn’t have a matching lid. Horderly even went through all of our silverware and found pieces of silverware that didn’t make a full set. I’m not joking, the detail they go into is far beyond anything I could do on my own.
  4. Edit – This is the part where they show us all of our random junk. I say junk because I was shocked at how much stuff we were holding onto without realizing it. Like why did I have random children’s lids that went to nothing!? I’ve moved about four times with those random lids – they needed to go! Of course not everything was junk. Horderly goes through everything and categorizes it as trash, keep, or donate and they take all of it away at the end of their job.
  5. Categorize – While we’re editing what we’re keeping and removing, the organizers are also asking what we use this for and how frequently we use it. This process helps them organize everything back into its rightful place. For example, we have certain plates that we only use for nicer dinners, so they put those in a less accessible space than the plates we use on a daily basis.
  6. Strategize Placement – I tried to stay out of the organizers’ way as much as possible so when I came downstairs to see them measuring our space and really strategizing where everything goes, I literally asked, “are you guys measuring?!” Jamie laughed and told me that its part of their process and again, blown away by the details.
  7. Strategize Product (& purchase) – Horderly works directly with The Container Store, which is why I chose them over the competition. If you partner with the biggest organizing company in the USA, you’re probably pretty good at what you do. Jamie and Fillip have basically memorized The Container Store catalogue and picked the best product based off our wants, needs, and the measurements they took.
  8. Implement Product – This is where Horderly puts all our “keep” stuff into bins and the magic really starts to happen. They take everything out of packaging – for example, we had a Costco size box of assorted chips and they took all the baggies out and put them into a bin.
  9. Review & Adjustments – This was mostly between themselves but they had us come check out the almost-finished work to see if we had any adjustments and/or changes we’d like to make
  10. Label/Perfect – Who else is a label maker fanatic? ME! They brought their own label maker and labeled everything; the drawers, the bins, everything!
  11. Tidy – Basically they take everything you don’t want and all the trash so that your house looks better than it did when they arrived.
kitchen organization before and after spring cleaning
kitchen organization before and after spring cleaning

My final thoughts on hiring a professional organizer

Definitely a must. I wish we had hired them prior to unpacking our kitchen and saved ourselves the time and stress of trying to half-ass organize our kitchen. Horderly did such a great job organizing our kitchen, I will definitely have them back to organize other spaces in our house too. I’m thinking the nursery, the master closet, the bathrooms, the garage, etc. Whatever you need organized, they can organize.

The process is very hands-on for the client. I wasn’t expecting to be so hands on with all the decisions but I’m glad they included me as much as they did. Afterall, it is my kitchen and I have to live in it. I will say that getting used to the new placement is a bit of an adjustment but so far we’re keeping up with the organization they put in place. My favorite part of the whole process was seeing how much stuff we didn’t need. “Stuff” accumulates so fast that it’s hard to keep up with and seeing it all laid out in front of me kind of disgusted me. Like, I really didn’t need 12 single packets of protein powder that was stuffed into gift bags from events when I had 2 tubs of protein powder that I bought because I liked it.

Horderly is offering all my friends & family 15% off their organization services, just mention my name when you reach out to them at hello@horderly.com

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